A rather complete little PC case…

Beyond the very original concept, this small aluminum case in Micro-ATX format is quite complete for its size. Despite its dimensions of 370 x 250 x 290 mm (for 245 x 220 mm indoors), it displays an overall respectable connection.

It has two USB 3.0 ports on the front, and can accommodate a 2.5″ hard drive as well as a motherboard necessarily in Micro-ATX format and everything you need for a good little office PC.

On the cooling side, it can count on two RGB fans at the front, which can be set remotely via a remote control.

… with more goldfish

But what especially arouses curiosity is what is happening above the case itself. MetalFish has indeed had the absurd idea, therefore essential, to dress up its product with an aquarium.

This has comfortable dimensions to accommodate small residents, protected by an outer thickness of 5 mm. The upper part is separated from the case itself by a 3 mm acrylic layer.

This part fully deserves the name of aquarium, since it has a light on the top (which is however not configurable thanks to the remote control dedicated to the fans). A pump, filter and oxygenator are also included, powered by USB.

To sell its product, MetalFish argues that the presence of the aquarium will allow holders of the Y2 box to feel “calm and relaxed”. It remains to be seen whether the fish will also be able to adapt to this really unusual habitat, in particular because of the heat generated by the PC below.

Unless the aquarium can also contribute to the cooling of the housing as a whole… The mystery remains for the moment whole, but know in any case that the MetalFish Y2 is currently sold on the Chinese manufacturer’s site, quoted in the source below. below, at the reasonable price of 75 euros. That is to a goldfish near the same price as an aquarium of similar dimensions.

This PC case with built-in aquarium is a bad idea

Self-contained liquid cooling kits have brought water cooling to the masses, but that doesn’t mean mixing H2O with electronics is always a good idea. Add live animals to the equation and you just create trouble.

The Metalfish Y2 Aquarium Chassis is an aluminum computer case with an integrated top-mounted aquarium that can support micro-ATX or mini-ITX builds. It has two 90mm cooling fans and can accommodate a 2.5-inch hard drive as well as dual-slot video cards up to 200mm in length. CPU cooler height is limited to 90mm.

Besides the obvious danger associated with adding unnecessary water to your computer case, there is also heat to consider. I’m no marine biologist, but I’m pretty sure subjecting fish to constant temperature changes is probably not good for their health.

This isn’t Metalfish’s first water-themed chassis. The aptly named Fish Cube is also designed to house fish in the same enclosure as a PC but puts the two side by side instead of top to bottom.

Even funnier is the fact that Metalfish wasn’t the first to release an aquarium-themed computer case. Nearly 20 years ago, high-end aluminum case maker Lian Li released its PC-6010 ATX chassis with an optional $99 aquarium side panel.

While Lian Li’s chassis was equally sketchy in terms of risk, it notably relied on colored plastic fish instead of the real thing. It also came with a pump to circulate the fish, cold cathode lighting, and even plastic gravel to complete the look.

Most Y2 specs are printed in Chinese on brochure-style images that can’t be easily translated. It appears to be using a Flex power supply and has RGB lighting as well as LED lights for the top aquarium. There also appears to be a USB powered pump/oxygenator and a remote for the RGB lighting.

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