this website challenges you to play the classic version with a different “twist”

‘Tetris’ is much more than a video game, and that can be verified by the number of versions that have been made of this masterpiece created by Alekséi Pazhitnov in the early 80s.

‘First-person Tetris’ (Tetris in the first person) is a great website that invites us to experience it from a totally different point of view, and we already warn that it can make some people dizzy.

Turn the piece, turn everything

In this version, created by @sdrmee, its peculiarity is that the perspective of the screen will change each time we rotate the part that we are about to place.

Obviously, that makes it even more complex to complete a game, and will require an extra concentration (Let’s not forget that the pieces fall faster as we progress through the game).

As we can see, it is based on the Nintendo NES game, and we can choose between three different songs or turn off the music completely.

‘First-person Tetris’ has several modes: “normal” (if we can consider it that way, despite the twists), a “night” mode (more difficult to calculate movements) and the “existential crisis” mode (the piece is zoomed in, and makes it very difficult to guess how and where it will fit).

The keyboard arrows allow us to make movements and with the space bar we make the turns. We remember that these turns are in relation to the player’s field of vision and not in relation to the game itself. If we press the ‘ESC’ key we can pause the game, adjust the game and see the current score and level.

In short, it is a somewhat extreme version of Tetris, ideal for lovers of this game who want to add a lot of complexity or feel that they are facing an unknown experience.