This would be Tom Hiddleston as a young Palpatine from Star Wars in this shocking fan art

Digital artist apexform imagines what Tom Hiddleston would look like as a young Palpatine in a hypothetical Star Wars prequel about the Emperor’s past.

When the return of the Emperor Palpatine For Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, the party was served for the fans and there was all kinds of speculation about it. For a time there were certain rumors about the inclusion of Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown) in the cast of the film, and it was even rumored that the British actor would play a young version of Sheev Palpatine, since we would investigate the past character or would even appear as a clone of the Emperor.

In the end we already know that there was no Matt Smith or many of the theories that were foreseen for Episode IX were fulfilled, but that has not stopped many fans, who continue to fantasize with more content about Palpatine, and even with prequels dedicated to the character.

This is the case of apexform, a digital artist that we have already told you about in the past for his spectacular works. Apexform He dares with all kinds of fandoms and has already made some incredible Star Wars fanart, but without a doubt this piece has caught our attention in which he imagines what it would be like Tom Hiddleston if he played a young Palpatine.

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“Imagine a Disney + series about a young Palpatine training with Darth Plagueis starring Hiddleston as Sheev himself! What do you think?” Wrote apexform on his Instagram post. Of course the alliance between Hiddleston and Disney seems to be going from strength to strength with the Loki series, and for now the Star Wars productions seem to be focused on the “past” of the franchise or between trilogies, as we are seeing with The Mandalorian or the Obi-Wan series, so a prequel miniseries about Palpatine wouldn’t be out of the question.

For now, the Emperor’s past hasn’t been fully explored in the new canon, so perhaps a series with a young Palpatine on Disney + would be an interesting way to do it, and the role could be tailored to Tom Hiddleston. What do you think? Would you like to see a prequel series with Palpatine? Does Hiddleston fit you in the role or do you prefer another actor in particular?