This Xiaomi mobile is pure power to play and is cheaper than ever: POCO X3 128 GB for € 207

Even with the arrival of new generation game consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with more power and computers with graphics cards at stratospheric prices, it is a reality that mobiles are today one of the main platforms to play. But as is clear, not just any mobile is worth to run games fluently. If you want a good mobile to play, you have to choose well. Although that does not imply having to spend a fortune, because this Xiaomi mobile, The POCO X3 is right now at a very affordable price with shipping from Spain and sold by an official store on Aliexpress Plaza.

He POCO X3 is easy to define, because it is the cheapest gaming mobile you can buy. If you like to be able to play fluently, that the mobile works well and does not cause problems even if you run several games one after the other, and that at the same time it is a complete terminal in terms of screen and camera, the POCO X3 is a ideal purchase. Now same is in Aliexpress Plaza with shipping from Spain and from one of the official Xiaomi distributors at an unbeatable price. It is the 128 GB version at a price of only 207 euros.

It is a smartphone from one of the Xiaomi brands that has specialized in achieving great performance, and that has even been specifically designed for gaming. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor, designed for gaming, as well as with a 6GB RAM.

The great feature is that this version is from 128 GB and despite this, its price is very economical. A great purchase for anyone who wants an affordable mobile with a lot of power.

Your screen and your camera deliver. He 6.67 inch display It has DotDisplay technology and a Full HD resolution, enough to play with quality. The 120 Hz refresh rate, being a very advanced mobile in this regard. And presents a 64 megapixel quad camera of good quality.

And all this without forgetting some details, such as the 5,160 mAh battery, wave NFC connectivity to be able to make payments with the mobile.

For 207 euros it is a really interesting purchase for those who want a very complete mobile, ideal for playing, and of affordable price.