Naughty Dog celebrates its game series in a worthy way.

In terms of its theme, we can’t really call The Last of Us games unique, but there’s no doubt that the developers of Naughty Dog have served us very professionally in post-apocalyptic adventures. To celebrate the series, the studio has also created a special holiday that used to be called Outbreak Day, but was renamed due to the coronavirus epidemic, but that doesn’t mean this year’s party would be more boring than the previous ones.

In connection with The Last of Us Day, Naughty Dog came up with several surprises, so for example, we got a completely free downloadable The Last of Us Part II theme for PlayStation 4, which fans of the game will probably be happy about.

The guys also announced the arrival of the official board game The Last of Us, which they will bring to us along with the creators of Bloodborne: The Board Game and God of War: The Card Game, i.e. CMON. More information on this will come later.

The studio has also made novelties for collectors, as they will release a brand new statue of Ellie with the Gaming Heads team, which will also be available in three different versions.

In addition, the Collectibles of Mamegyora also brings a special statue that brings the younger Joel and Ellie to life. The work was shaped and painted by Masato Ohata, and we can even put the two main characters on the shelf separately. It’s worth noting here that MondoShop made limited-edition posters for The Last of Us Day, and later we can also purchase the soundtrack for The Last of Us Part II on vinyl.

And here’s the line of surprises, as Naughty Dog is launching another contest for The Last of Us Part II photo mode, where valuable prizes can be pocketed, as well as an official Abbie-related cosplay guide. .

Which announcement are you most happy with?