THQ Humble Bundle adds one final game

THQ’s crazy and already legendary Humble Bundle adds one more game, Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War. That means that you receive nine games for an extremely low amount.

The addition of the RTS Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War will likely be the last as the bundle will run for less than two days at the time of writing. Whoever pays at least $ 5.64 will receive all the games, DLC and soundtracks in the pack.

The bundle has already sold 770,000 units and brought in more than $ 4.3 million. This makes it probably the most successful Humble Bundle ever. So both THQ and the gamers did a very good job with it. Who is the next publisher to give away their games for free? Valve? Activision? Ubisoft? Excalibur Publishing?

You can still buy the Humble THQ Bundle via this link if you’re quick. It is certainly worth it.

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