THQ Nordic on the Xbox Series X and Series S dual model: “I’m not sure if the market will embrace it”

The launch of Xbox Series X and Series marks a new way of understanding the market for Microsoft and developers. THQ Nordic has talked about this two-console model.

Microsoft has wanted to diversify its options for the new generation by betting on the launch of two consoles instead of one. Xbox Series X and Series S they are already on the market and both are designed for different audiences.

This model is different from what has been seen so far and some voices within the industry are not quite attracted to this strategy. In a GamingBolt interview with the executive producer on THQ Nordic’s Chronos: Before the Ashes, Reinhard Pollice has spoken about this and the new generation in general.

I understand the reasoning behind this, to which he qualified: From a development perspective, it is always better to focus on a single spec. I’m not sure if the market will adopt this model from having two next-gen consoles.

What he has been impressed on is the power of the SSDs of the new consoles since they are “the true advance” of the new generation of consoles. This is the true advancement of this generation, explained the producer. Charging times can be very long and it is difficult to optimize them for better charging times. I am convinced that it is a great boost.

Regarding the statements, only time will tell if Microsoft’s move is successful or not, for now, there is a lot of wood to cut and the new generation has only just begun. Microsoft is also very focused on its subscription models. Xbox Game Pass is “completely sustainable” at the current price, Phil Spencer stated.

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