The Chinese platform will deploy a new feature that allows you to share with your friends at a given moment, a photo or video of what you are doing. A novelty that is a shameless copy of what BeReal already offers.

TikTok has just announced the arrival of a new creation tool in its application. TikTok Now, as the feature is called, is billed by the platform as “a daily photo and video experience to share your most authentic moments with the people who matter most.”

Concretely, TikTok Now allows you to record a ten-second video or capture a photo using the front and rear camera of your smartphone of what you are doing. The two images obtained are then displayed on top of each other to finally be shared with your loved ones. Every day, TikTok Now will send you a notification to remind you to do so.

This novelty, however, has an aftertaste of deja vu. Indeed, TikTok did not look very far to create it. Visibly lacking in inspiration, the Chinese platform has, in all relaxation, copied identically what the application offers. BeReala pioneer in the field.

This French social network, whose popularity is starting to climb, allows you to immortalize what you are doing at any time of the day. For this, the application uses the front and rear camera of your smartphone, and combines the two images obtained to share them with your loved ones. Every day BeReal sends a notification to remind you to share with your friends what you are up to.

Having an eye for detail, TikTok even went so far as to mimic the style of notifications sent to users to remind them to share their day. When BeReal displays its notifications between two Danger panels, TikTok displays its own between two flashes.

In its press release, TikTok indicates that TikTok Now will be tested over the next few weeks. The feature will be accessible directly from the Tiktok app in the US, but may have its own app in other regions. Users, who will be using TikTok Now, will be able to select who they want to share their content with.

TikTok adds a dose of authenticity by copying BeReal

TikTok, the application largely imitated by its competitors, in turn copies: the platform added a new tool on Thursday that allows you to capture images simultaneously with the lenses on the front and back of your smartphone, such as the network social BeReal.

“TikTok Now” is supposed to share “your most authentic moments with the people most important to you,” says a statement from the company.

The double image (selfie and environment), daily reminders, the promise of authenticity: these are the characteristics that have made the success of BeReal, the social network launched by two French people in 2020, which has been a hit for a few months, especially among teenagers and young adults.

The BeReal concept was created in response to sophisticated app filters and tools that have spawned entertainment formats and the influencer industry, from Snapchat and Instagram to TikTok.

That didn’t stop them from taking inspiration from the new trend. Snapchat has a “Dual Camera” and Instagram added the “Dual” option at the end of July to “record content and your reaction at the same time”.

Meta’s service has already copied Snapchat’s “Stories” (ephemeral format) in the past, then TikTok’s short and entertaining videos with its “Reels”. And he designed an in-house prototype invitation to share an authentic moment, called “Candid”.

TikTok’s decision to imitate BeReal seems more surprising, because the app does not see itself as a social network à la Facebook, centered on interactions between people who know each other.

TikTok’s popularity, built on a very efficient user-based content selection algorithm, exploded during the pandemic and hasn’t waned since.

But like its oldest competitors, it faces a heavy fire of criticism, from its influence on the mental health of younger people to issues of misinformation.

In the United States, she is in the crosshairs of many elected officials because of her parent company, the Chinese group ByteDance – they accuse her of giving the Chinese government access to American user data, which she has always denied. .

TikTok announces new double-sided feature like BeReal’s

After Instagram and Snapchat, the well-loved platform for teenagers and young adults TikTok added a new feature on Thursday, “TikTok Now”, which takes up the BeReal formula with its dual front and rear cameras.

From now on, users of the Chinese app will receive a notification every day at a certain time to capture the time of day.

This method takes up that of BeReal, an application launched by two French people in 2020 which has seen its popularity ignite in recent months thanks to marketing aimed at spontaneity and regularity. At BeReal, the idea is to take a photo in selfie mode and in landscape mode to relay it to a small circle of close friends.

However, this new feature does not follow the guideline of the TikTok application, which does not consider itself a social network like Facebook, centered on interactions between people who know each other.

Fake news is pouring in

An organization created in 2018 to counter misinformation, unveiled a survey on Wednesday claiming that “nearly 20% of videos that appear in search results contain misinformation”.

However, the application says it has set up an artificial intelligence system that sifts through the videos posted on its news feed. “clearly state that we do not allow dangerous misinformation, including medical misinformation, and that such content will be removed from the platform.”

In the United States, TikTok is in the crosshairs of many elected officials because of its parent company, the Chinese group ByteDance. They accuse the group of giving the Chinese government access to US user data, which it has always denied.

Allegations that raise questions about the influence that TikTok and its competitors can have on misinformation, but also the mental health of their young audience.

Applications that are racing

According to web marketing consultant and lecturer Stéphanie Ouellette, this new feature is not surprising, however. “We see it, Instagram is trying to become TikTok and everyone wants to take the features of the others. It becomes a race for the social network that will be used the most, so features that are popular with others will be taken over by their competitor. »

Last July, Instagram introduced its users to its “Dual” feature, which copies BeReal’s idea of ​​taking images simultaneously with its phone’s front and rear lenses.

A marketing trend that is not likely to calm down, according to Ms. Ouellette, since the functions are only flourishing so that these social networks can keep their users at their fingertips.

TikTok: the social network launches “TikTok Now” the competitor of BeReal!


Because yes, if you did not know it yet, Insta had recently wanted to copy the new French network in vogue. In addition, the app that belongs to Meta also wanted to get closer to the Chinese app through its Reels.

A bet far from successful and which did not allow Insta to join TikTok, far from it… First, the changes in the social network which belongs to Meta were heavily criticized by influencers. This put a blow to his reputation.

But the worst part of all this is probably the fact that Instagram’s bet didn’t work out at all. Indeed, an internal Meta document even shows that Reels engagement is plummeting. Or -13.6% over the last four weeks.

For comparison, Insta users only spend 17.6 million hours watching Reels. Whereas on TikTok, every day is 197.8 million hours. A colossal difference which still shows the preference of some.

And it is unfortunately not with the many hacks of which TikTok is the victim that things will work out. Because yes, if you did not know, the Chinese app is the subject of many attacks but that does not slow down its success.

On the other hand, it could well worry, like Insta, with the power of BeReal. This French social network which makes the buzz on the App Store and which overshadows its competitors. But that was before TikTok took the lead.


But what is it? Because yes, some people probably don’t know what this new application is. Our colleagues from BFM TV precisely gave the answer. Even if many Internet users are already aware of what it is.

“Rather than post posed and retouched selfies, the app offers to take a double photo. One with the rear camera and the other with the front camera. Instantly. A way of offering authentic and “true” content”.

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