TinyBuild Games is the protagonist of the latest Humble Bundle

Indie publisher TinyBuild Games is the star of the latest Humble Bundle.

For $ 1 we get No Time to Explain Remastered, Speedrunners, Divide by Sheep and Road to Ballhalla. Above the average (currently at € 6.97) there is a very interesting pack: Party Hard, The Final Station, Cluster Truck, Punch Club Deluxe and Guts and Glory, the latter in Early Access.

For $ 15 we got the DLC ‘The Only Traitor’ for The Final Station and Streets of Rogue in Early Access. Finally, at € 36.73 we have the Hello Neighbor reservation, which includes an artbook and songs from the soundtrack, as well as a beta for Windows.

In addition, just by entering our email we can test the alpha of Party Hard 2. The promotion will last two weeks.

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