Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint video test – the big blank is nothing

Now Ubisoft is in a bad vest.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has unfortunately become a bug-free, unimaginative, infinitely boring game, and it’s hard to forgive that we finally fell in love with the previous part, the Wildlandst.

Get ready now, because Paca didn’t handle the game with a gloved hand, which is still the question that probably left unanswered in our heads, why Ubisoft needed all this. This is a huge setback After Wildlands, and in the video below, we’ll tell you in detail why Breakpoint has become so bad.

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  • Developer: Ubisoft Paris
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platform: Google Stadium, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, Tactical, TPS
  • Appearance: 10/04/2019

Playable in teams of up to four, Breakpoint carries on the heritage of the Wildlands and once again offers a vast, open world, the fictional island of Aurora in the Pacific, as a playground.