The creator and protagonist of the upcoming Apple TV + premiere, Tom Hanks has had an intense week with the media, regarding the debut of “Greyhound” this July 10 on the content platform. In the midst of his statements, the popular actor did not seem happy with his premiere on Apple TV +, instead of theaters, as a result of the existing restrictions due to COVID-19.

According to Hanks, the release of “Greyhound,” a WWII film focused on Allied naval forces during the Battle of the Atlantic, on Apple TV + rather than in theaters was a “total heartbreak,” in large part due to the differences in picture and sound quality.

And although it is certainly an obvious change, the actor has decided to modify his statements and see the positive side of the negotiation made with the Apple service, not for a few million dollars.

Apple TV + has saved «Greyhound»

In a televised interview on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday morning, Hanks added some additional clarification about “Greyhound” on Apple TV. He said he is “Really thrilled that Apple TV + is making it possible for everyone to watch.”

Hanks, who also made headlines in the early months of the year for being part of the celebrity group who tested positive for COVID-19, referred to theater closings due to the coronavirus health crisis as a “heartbreaking event.” », Adding that Apple: _It “saved our day” by allowing anyone with an Apple TV + subscription to watch the movie.

“We had a great movie that was not going to be seen. Apple is a benevolent streaming service in every way. It will look fantastic but it will be available. It will be visible, and otherwise we would have languished in a vault for a movie that is 88 minutes of a themed story that talks about what we are all going through right now. “

Apple changed the fate described by Hanks to “Greyhound” when acquired the rights to it for a sum of $ 70 million in May of this 2020, resulting one of the highest figures paid for a project, after the acquisition of the next Will Smith film for 120 million dollars.

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