For several weeks Apple has shared the list of movie premieres that will be available starting this summer on Apple TV +. Since then, great expectations have been created thanks to the names of actors and producers who support them and also by the millionaire figures that Apple has been willing to pay for the rights to them.

New titles include “Greyhound”, the movie starring and written by Tom Hanks and based on the novel, The Good Shepherd by CS Forester which prepares to debut this July 10. But a few days before the premiere, Hanks has made it clear that he is not happy about this fact.

In the absence of movie theaters, “Greyhound” has Apple TV +

According to recent statements from various media, regarding the upcoming release of “Greyhound”, Tom Hanks spoke of his disappointment that the film is not broadcast in theaters. During the Interview, Hanks noted that his film missed its theatrical release due to the pandemic and that the Apple TV + release is not the same..

To be sure, Greyhound, a WWII-inspired movie, has been a special job for Hanks, who has been on the project for nearly a decade and now sees the situation as “absolute heartbreak” and added:

“I don’t want to anger my gentlemen at Apple, but there is a difference in picture and sound quality.”

Later in the meeting with the media by videoconference, Hanks made some jokes regarding the demands of Apple’s PR team about the interview.. According to Hanks, “Apple’s cruel whip masters” asked him to use a blank wall as a background, to prevent someone from snooping freely in Hanks’ office instead of talking about the film.

It is clear that this 2020 has not been a dream year for anyone. However, Hanks has suffered several of the consequences, such as one of the first celebrities diagnosed with COVID-19 with his wife and now, with the obligation to postpone the premiere on the big screen of one of his most ambitious projects.

Despite what was expressed by the actor, the stakes for the success of the film are quite high, because those who recognize the talent of the actor would not miss the opportunity to see him star in the script that he himself has written.

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