The day of Valentine’s Day it is characterized by many flowers, couples in the open air and a consumerist aura that surrounds everything it touches. But there are many people, like some of us, who are lone wolves of life. And those people should also enjoy. Today we bring you 5 options to spend this day playing with characters, whose only company is loneliness. We go with the 5 best games to play if you are alone on Valentine’s Day.

Metal Gear Solid

It is well known to all that Solid Snake is someone who works alone, against all adversity. In this acclaimed installment of the Hideo Kojima saga, Snake must infiltrate the island of Shadow moses, in the Alaska area, to eliminate a nuclear threat, rescue two hostages of great importance and spend approximately 15 hours that the campaign lasts alone. Yes, totally alone, with the only company of the radio codec to talk to his Colonel, the paramedic and a very nice girl who saves us the game. Of course, none of this will be able to with Snake, for something he is the best agent of special forces that exists.

Dead space

When a mining ship is stranded orbiting a planet and Isaac must go to solve the problem like a good engineer that he is, he does not imagine what is coming his way. Apart from having to cross the Ishimura from top to bottom, and believe us, it is not small, it will be surrounded by the constant danger of
, quite interesting bugs that will take the slightest opportunity to, at the very least, rip our heads off. What to spend the afternoon with a bowl of popcorn and watching “La Cosa” by
John carpenter
is not now such a bad plan?

You also have it on Origin for free. If we are in everything.

Resident Evil 4

Spain. The rescue of the president’s daughter. A lot of locals armed with all kinds of tools from the field and who speak strangely. And there we are, Leon S. Kennedy. Whoever was a survivor of Racoon City In the 2nd installment of the saga he is now the man chosen for this mission.

And you say, lonely? Don’t you have Ashley attached to most of the adventure? The truth is that yes, but he does not do anything or say anything, he only limits himself to that, to follow you. Even the kind peddler who, with our help, is paying for his children’s studies gives us more conversation. Don’t be like Ashley, socialize.


Our character, a kind of Bedouin With a rare scarf that grows when he finds smaller flying scarves (what?), he finds himself alone in the desert and must cross it. Along the way, you will find clues of various forms and you will find them with some other danger. Alone, completely alone. Sometimes we can find other players and cooperate with them, but without speaking or, practically, relating. And believe us, the vastness of the desert is very great. And lonely, like our heart.

Dark souls

Let’s be honest. You knew that the souls saga could appear at any time, and here it is. The game of From Software puts us in the shoes of a warrior who must face the lords of ash and end up doing something in the world that is still not very clear to us. And this will do it alone. In addition to having to face various dangers each more challenging, which has caused the demand for console controllers to increase by a zillion percent, the only help is the messages written by other players (and that half are traps) and be able to invoke some other NPC or player to help us against the bosses. If there is a game that makes us feel small, this is it.

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We hope that with these games you have a good day of Valentine’s Day even if you are not accompanied. Because we don’t wish you loneliness, but we can fix it a bit. Happy day!