A new Battle royale that promises to support until 400 players in an impressive multiplayer environment has been presented with a new trailer, but unfortunately it does not teach us everything we would like.

Mavericks: Proving Grounds, has shown a new cinematic trailer

The British study Automaton Games, has shown us this first trailer of Mavericks: Proving Grounds, its new title that continues in development and that in principle we will be able to play in this 2018. From the study they affirm that «Mavericks will have a playable and live environment of more than 12km«. In addition, they promise to include numerous dynamic elements like wildfires spreading, etc.

Battle Royale mode is scheduled to run throughout this 2018 for the PC platform, but this is only part of the game. The full version of the game, described as an “MMO” that will support up to 1000 simultaneous players “In an incredibly faithful world,” he would come along 2019.

“The game is set in a great and incredibly dynamic environment, with great character progression, social cores, intelligent mission systems, and a global-scale narrative that the player will be guided through.”

At next marchAs the reason for the Game Developers Conference, we will have new news about Marverick: Proving Grounds. And we hope to see once and for all a trailer or small sample of the gameplay. It is confirmed that there will be a closed beta soon, but at the moment there is no confirmed date.

There is no doubt, the Battle Royale are in fashion. The other day we were talking about a new Fortnite update that keeps adding new content. On the other hand, PUBG continues to break records and does not stop increasing in number of players …

What do you think of Marvericks: Proving Grounds so far? Do you think there is an overexploitation of the Battle Royale genre? We await your opinions!