Turn your iPhone or iPad into a complete trackpad for your Mac with this new application

The trackpad application is an excellent substitute for this type of device: if you have a Mac, and you have an iPhone or iPad, just download the software from the App Store to have a full trackpad. Cursor movement, gestures with one finger, and even multiple: The Trackpad is a great way to exercise control over your Mac.

It is not that the applications that transform the mobile into a mouse are unknown since there is a varied number of them in mobile stores. Even so, there is always room to get a development that not only allows moving the mouse cursor, but also transform your smartphone into a real trackpad. Because, if the iPhone’s screen is tactile, and it has a large surface … Why not plug the mobile into the mac in order to have a complete control peripheral? That is exactly what The Trackpad proposes, we have tested it.

The best replacement for a physical trackpad for the Mac

The Trackpad is a new application that works in two parts: on the one hand, it requires the app of the same name and it is downloaded from the Apple store; on the other hand, it is essential install the software that acts as a server, this is downloaded to the Mac from the page of the developer, Hugo Lispector. Once you have both applications, you only need to connect the mobile device to the computer via USB cable and activate the MacOS accessibility tools.

One of the current drawbacks is that the connection between devices is not wireless, so the cable is essential. Even so, it is not too annoying, especially when using an iPad as a controller (the surface of the mobile is more limited, so it is easier to trip over the cable.

Apart from moving the cursor by dragging your finger on the screen, and executing the clicks with one press, The Trackpad incorporates the multitouch gestures common in this type of peripherals manufactured by Apple (and on the MacBook trackpad itself). We can use vertical scrolling on the web with two fingers, change the desktop by scrolling four fingers horizontally, show the desktop by performing the reverse gesture of the pinch with four fingers and even open Mission Control by sliding four fingers up.

The operation of the application it is almost identical to a physical trackpad. It is not complicated to configure it, it is not necessary to carry an extra device to expand the control options and, although the app is paid, it can be tried free of charge for a week (to unlock it, a payment of 4.49 euros is required ). After that, it will continue to be active, although in a much more limited way.

The Trackpad