Turn your Mac into a Fonera

The FON movement has quite a few followers. Without going any further, from home I can detect a person who has one. For those of you who don’t know him, just have one “Fonera“at home, which is neither more nor less than a wireless router that uses two channels, one for access to the other Foneros and the other private for the owner’s access. The idea is to share bandwidth with others Foneros, which can be connected for free, or with other users who pay for access.

I read in Ars Technica that there is a beta software client, both for Mac with Intel processors as for Linux, which allows the team to become a point FON. In addition, users of Mac They can only share cable or 3G connections, not WiFi connections. Normal, since the hardware of the Macs it uses only one channel, and not several channels at the same time as we have already seen that they use the real Foneras.

It is true that the same effect can be achieved by sharing the wireless connection, but in that case you would not participate in the community FON.