The arsenal of peripherals of an average player, who perhaps has more than one entertainment platform with which to dabble, can be mainly divided into two macro categories: pointing and control systems (mouse, keyboards and controllers) and systems used for audio playback for video games, movies and music (speakers and headphones). Despite this rough subdivision, peripherals in general, regardless of the specific use for which they were conceived, designed and built, must have some basic characteristics to be considered a good investment, especially by casual gamers.

In the first place we have a certain degree of robustness both to accidental impacts and to the test of time; in addition, an acceptable level of performance quality is required, meaning that at a minimum a peripheral should perform all the tasks for which you have decided to purchase it. Finally, the value for money must be advantageous. It is not very easy to find a peripheral that can completely satisfy all the requirements, prompting the user to look for a compromise in the boundless hardware market and going to file his claims, in the face of a deficiency in one of the three points mentioned above.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X in the Xbox version, characterized by the green color.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X The subject of this review are headphones that present, albeit at different levels, all the characteristics that a casual gamer looks for in peripherals. As soon as they are extracted from the package, very simple and spartan, they do not strike for imaginative colors or particular design, but the circumaural conformation of the pavilions appears at first sight rather comfortable.

The decision to make the microphone removable is appreciable and helps to characterize this headset as totally compatible with all entertainment devices present in the gaming scene and beyond. Although in fact Turtle Beach has still thought of producing a pair of headphones for each platform, equipping it with a different color (red for PC, green for Xbox and blue for Playstation), the connector is a 3.5 mm jack which makes them a multi-platform accessory, including tablets and smartphones.

Comfort is another factor that earns these Ear Force Recon 50X several points in our approval rating, especially considering users who, like myself, must wear glasses. The materials that make up the pavilions are soft and comfortable even after prolonged play sessions, while the synthetic leather covering remains pleasant to the touch, even during hot seasons such as summer.

The only perplexity in terms of strength and comfort comes from the headband: at first glance it seemed excessively thin and the padding layer in contact with the scalp just satisfactory. During use, in reality, the first impressions of fragility and discomfort were denied: as far as possible, the tests conducted stressed the structure a lot, which reacted well to the stresses. However, it remains to be seen how it will be able to withstand the challenge of time.

A projection allows us to observe pavilions and headband.

As for the sound quality, there were no particular conditions out of the ordinary: the beating heart of the Ear Force Recon 50X is represented by two 40 mm neodymium drivers. It is an extremely reactive metal and the magnets that are usually found in headphones, earphones, speakers and microphones are made of an alloy composed of borium, iron and, indeed, neodymium. The choice fell on this special metal for its particular magnetic structure, able to faithfully reproduce the high frequencies with a good level of quality.

The tests conducted by playing different titles have actually confirmed the general good quality of the audio, even if always a little lacking in the low frequencies, not very present especially when listening to music or watching movies. Tasks for which, however, the Turtle Beach headset was not primarily intended.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X are headphones with a simple design, without particularly flashy stylistic trappings that do what they were designed for. The main feature that distinguish them are the compatibility with the main videogame entertainment platforms (PC, Xbox and Playstation) and if necessary, thanks to the removable microphone, they can be used for listening to music or watching videos and movies on their portable devices, smartphones and tablets.

Comfortable and light, this headset winks at casual gamers who need a practical and simple accessory, without giving up good sound quality and without having to spend exorbitant amounts, but also to those who want a good quality backup headset. to buy at the lowest possible price. In this sense, the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X are available at a price of about 40 euros on the websites of the major retailers, a figure of sure interest for gamers eager to take home a pair of multipurpose headphones at a very competitive price.