DONTNOD Entertainment today announced that Twin mirror It is now available for pre-order on Xbox One (via theMicrosoft®Store) and PlayStation®4 (via PlayStation®Store). Players who pre-order the game on PlayStation®4 will receive a dynamic theme inspired by the mind palace of Sam Higgs, the main protagonist.

Co-produced by Shibuya Productions, this game presents us with a new narrative story that is available for reservation in Epic games Store from September 15, 2020. By pre-ordering the game on this platform, players will also receive the original soundtrack in digital format.

On December 1, the players of Twin mirror They will put themselves in the shoes of Sam Higgs. And they will begin to investigate the mysteries of Basswood and its inhabitants. Sam Higgs previously works as an investigative journalist. So he ended up developing numerous analytical skills that are represented in the game in the form of a mental palace, a place where players will discover various aspects of his personality.

Thanks to unique game mechanics, which are at the service of the narrative, Sam’s mental palace will be a safe place where the protagonist can be himself without any kind of pressure or prejudice. Players will be able to visit SAM’s past and witness his memories during flashbacks. Sam’s analytical and logical mind could hurt the feelings of his acquaintances. It will be then that the Double comes into play, a character that only Sam can see as a more empathetic and social representation of himself. Sam can always rely on this ally to guide him through social interactions and to survive in a society that sometimes rejects uniqueness.

Along the way, players will have to make drastic decisions that will have major implications for how events will unfold. Who to listen to? Who to trust? Faced with his own doubts, what voice will Sam listen to in his search for the truth? Some of your decisions will have a major impact on history …
Twin mirror is the first self-published game by DONTNOD.

In this psychological thriller, Sam Higgs returns to Basswood, his hometown, to attend the funeral of his best friend. It won’t be long before it becomes clear that this small West Virginia town hides many dark secrets. The former investigative journalist will have to use his deductive skills to unravel the mysteries that surround the city and its inhabitants. Forced to confront his past, Sam finds himself torn between re-bonding with his loved ones and searching for the truth. Who can you trust?

Twin mirror It will be released on December 1 for PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®Store), Xbox One ™ (Microsoft®Store) and PC. The digital PC version will be an Epic Game Store exclusive for one year.

Twin mirror will be compatible with PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

You can see the trailer for Twin Mirror in the following LINK.