Twitter begins allowing sharing of tweets on Snapchat and Instagram stories

It is not difficult to find captures of tweets spread on other social networks and they know that on Twitter. That’s why they just announced an even easier and faster way to share tweets on Snapchat and soon on Instagram storiesAlthough this last feature can only be enjoyed by a few.

The option It is available from this Friday in the application for iOS and later it will be enabled in the version for Android. On the other hand, those who will be able to share tweets on Instagram stories will be a small group of users of Apple’s mobile operating system, as announced by the platform.

In Instagram stories, for now, only a small group of users of the Twitter application for iOS will be able to share tweets

“Sometimes a tweet is so important or funny that it needs to be shared outside”

“We have seen that there is a trend whereby people capture and paste tweets in order to post them elsewhere. But this conversation should not be possible in one place, it should be possible anywhere in the world. whoever you want to talk about, “they argue from Twitter.

However, the great novelty of today is only on Snapchat allowing something similar to what the social network itself allows in its recently released stories, Fleets: show a tweet with a somewhat more attractive design than a simple capture.

It remains to be seen if Twitter will go further in the future and enable other ways to spread tweets on platforms that abound.

Sharing on the precursor platform of this publication format is done from the native Twitter sharing options. By clicking on its icon, the Snapchat icon is selected at the bottom of the screen and, if the social network is running, the tweet will be opened directly from the camera as a fixed sticker.

The option will allow you to use filters, modify the size and position of the tweet in the form of a sticker, as well as add other types of elements typical of snaps.

To see whether Twitter will go further in the future And, in addition to further extending the option to share on Instagram Stories, it enables other ways to spread tweets on platforms that abound like Facebook, WhatsApp or Reddit.