Two games are now free at the Epic Games Store, with three coming next week

Even now, we strongly recommend that you pull in the two gifts.

It looks like March will be an indie month at the Epic Games Store, but that’s no problem, we get so many games anyway that we don’t even have time for it. The usual weekly shift has been retained, and now there is just a period when Epic is giving us two games a week.

One this week is the Offworld Trading Company, an economy-focused RTS created by Civilization IV lead designer Soren Johnson.

The other is a more action-packed piece, GoNNER, which is partly about friendship and partly about dying many times on procedurally generated trajectories.

You can put both in your libraries until 5pm next Thursday, followed by Anodyne 2: Return to Dust, Mutazione and A Short Hike. We will talk.