Two more surprises in the latest NES update for Nintendo Switch Online

A bunch of new NES games for Nintendo Switch Online is now available.

Among them are two more surprises.

The normal new additions include the titles Wario’s Woods, Ninja Gaiden and Adventures of Lolo.

In addition, “SP” versions of Dr. Mario and Metroid. In other words: simpler variants.

In the SP version by Dr. Mario gets you in at level 20 and high speed. This allows you to see a scene that players otherwise seem to rarely see.

At Metroid you get all of Samus’ skills and get started shortly before the final fight against Ridley.

The aim of the SP versions is that players experience older titles in a new way and, for example, gain access to features or areas that they have not yet reached. They seem to be a regular part of Nintendo Switch Online now.

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