The Pokémon Company has also broken into the community interface with two new features, although only one of them is available in Hungary so far, but it is also quite strange.

The first globally available Facebook Pokémon game is Pokémon Tower Battle. By its name, it may not surprise anyone that tower building is the goal. By stacking Pokémon on top of each other, we can compete with our buddies in real time, but our success will not only depend on how skillfully we can pack monsters.

According to the description, we will have the opportunity to visit and capture monsters, level them, and all this will help us to bring together a more stable structure.

The other is currently only available in Asia and is titled Medallion Battle. It’s a deck-building, card game-like stuff whose cards are strongly reminiscent of our favorite tazos.

It will be questionable when the latter will be available from us, but you can push Tower Battle now via Facebook Gaming.

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