Two Point Hospital already has a date

Two Point Hospital, which is called to be the spiritual successor of Theme Hospital, arrives on August 30 for PC, Mac and Linux.

It will have a price of 34.99 euros, but if you reserve it now on Steam and other digital platforms, you will enjoy a ten percent discount, so it will be for you for 31.99 euros.

“Players will take on the role of hospital administrator, where a mantra of building, healing and improvement will be needed to carry their careers from humble beginnings to the heights of hospital administration greatness,” the press release reads.

“Design your hospitals, train your staff and manage their broad personalities, discover diseases, research new treatments and develop the necessary machinery, perform marketing tasks and spread your organization as the most patient-friendly virus and, oh yes, cure patients. with unusual illnesses. “

Two Point Hospital is being developed by several of those responsible for the Bullfrog classics of the nineties, and will showcase the signature sense of humor of Theme Hospital.

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