Two Tips for Spotlight on Mac: Search Safari and Locate File Paths

Spotlight, that little search bar on our Mac, offers a lot more functions than we can see with the naked eye. Theft locator, math or currency conversion are just a few examples. Today we will focus on use Spotlight to search Safari from anywhere on the system and how to locate the file paths we found.

Searching in Safari, as easy as a shortcut

When we search for something in Spotlight, the system gives us several results. You can show us documents, contacts, emails, SMS, etc. Among the results we find several from Safari, but sometimes we want to do the research ourselves. For these cases, a simple keyboard shortcut is sufficient, the steps are as follows:

  • We open Spotlight by pressing Command (⌘) + space bar.
  • We introduce our research.
  • We press Command (⌘) + B

We will automatically see the search engine results page that we configured in Safari. It may seem like it’s easier to go to Safari and search directly, perhaps for some, while for others, the ability to search the internet from any app with a combination of keys is very useful.

Find a file or the path to its location

When we are looking for a specific document, Spotlight can help us find it as quickly as possible. Once we find it, pressing Enter (↩︎) will open the document. Useful most of the time, except when we want to know where the document is stored In the question. In these cases, we can follow these steps:

  • We open Spotlight by pressing Command (⌘) + space bar.
  • We introduce our research.
  • We select the file that interests us.

Once here we can press the Command (⌘) key and we will see the path to the file appear under its preview on the right side of the window. Moreover, if we support Command (⌘) + Enter (↩︎) the system will open the container folder of the document with the one selected.

How to improve the security of our Mac through the system firewall

These are just two of the resources that Spotlight offers, the list of keystrokes and tips that we can use with this tool is quite extensive. Over time, as we get used to the most frequent tasks, we can be even more efficient and faster at various tasks of which Spotlight is the main core.