Ubisoft offers details on missions in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

The different Ghost Recon: Breakpoint technical tests and betas have finished and Ubisoft is still preparing for the release of the work, which will take place on October 4. These tests have resolved many questions for fans, but have also created others. Now Ubisoft has wanted to clarify some of them through the creative director from Ghost Recon Breakpoint, who has done an interview for the GameCreate medium.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint mission system

Scott Mitchell, Creative Director of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, has explained in detail the different types of missions that we will carry out during our adventure. In Ghost Recon Wildlands we had a linear main plot in an open world full of secondary missions without any relevant story. Then the DLCs with little stories would arrive. This will change in Ghost Recon Wildlands, which loses linearity in the plot from the previous video game.

There are many stories in the game. You have the main story with Cole D. Walker, the main enemy played by Jon Bernthal. You will also have many other secondary activities where you can meet many characters from the world. There are factions that provide you with quests that you have to deal with, but your reputation also affects the relationships you have with these factions.

Our role in the world carries more weight. He is no longer limited to being the Ghost who brings death to all enemies, but what we do will influence how different factions respond to our presence. The missions such as attacks on convoys and cleaning of sites taken are maintained, but also include the Behemoth arenas and other missions that will reveal mysteries. The latter surely will hide secrets from other Ubisoft video games.

There are many missions in addition to the main campaign. There are the arenas of Behemoth, where you will fight against drones and you can get valuable rewards. You also have mysteries, hundreds of mysteries to discover, you have convoys to attack to steal resources. There are a lot of things, hundreds of hours of play.

In short, Ghost Recon Breakpoint promises more stories and deeper reasons to explore and complete the mapping. This is a mistake he seems to have learned from Ghost Recon Wildlands, which possessed its main story and a lot of highly repetitive points to meet.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint presents a new live action trailer

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released on October 4, earlier for those who have pre-ordered the higher editions, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. What do you think of this news? Do you think that Breakpoint will really give more incentives to explore and do missions? Tell us in comments.