Undertale – how to unlock all endings and how to access the hard mode

Undertale has several different endings, which depend on the actions you have taken throughout history.

These actions are linked to the people you save or kill during your adventure. In turn, the endings you can unlock fall into three categories: Pacifist (saves everyone), Natural (some deaths), and Genocide (kills everyone).

The game keeps track of the end of each adventure, so we recommend that you start by reaching the pacifist ending and then the genocide. After unlocking these two endings, you can try out the various variations, saving some people and killing others. In addition, there is also a “difficult mode”, which we will address later.

On the other hand, we also have a guide that tells you how to unlock all trophies and how to plateau Undertale.

Obviously, this guide has a lot of spoilers!

Explanation of Undertale endings

Undertale has two “ultimate” endings, the Pacifist, in which you save humanity and the overworld, and the Genocide, in which you ruin everyone’s life. In addition to these two endings, Undertale has several “neutral” endings, in which you save or kill certain characters.

Pacifist Final

To reach the pacifist ending, you cannot kill any creatures, just as you must also save and leave with all the main characters you encounter. If you do this you will unlock new content, so we recommend that you try to reach this end the first time you are playing Undertale.

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Final Genocide

To reach the genocidal ending, you have to kill a certain number of creatures, as well as the bosses. You can see the requirements in the list below.

You must reach the following numbers of defeated enemies (you can check these numbers at SAVE points), as well as the bosses in each area:

  • Bad: 20 deaths (Toriel)
  • Snowdin: 16 deaths (Papyrus)
  • Waterfall: 18 deaths (Undyne the Undying)
  • Hotland: 40 deaths (Mettaton NEO)
  • New Home: no death (Sans). The protagonist automatically kills Asgore and Flowey when he finds them.

As soon as you kill all the necessary enemies, the SAVE point will have a message that says “Determination”. Snowdrake is an exception, as it must be defeated before it reaches the required death toll.

Then, you have to kill all the following Bosses and mini-bosses:

  • Toriel
  • Snowdrake
  • Doggo
  • Lesser Dog (if you find it)
  • Dogi
  • Greater Dog
  • Papyrus
  • Shyren
  • Glad Dummy
  • Undyne the Undying (appears after fighting Monster Kid)
  • Royal Guards
  • Muffet
  • Mettaton NEO

The secret boss Glyde is optional and you cannot access So Sorry. In addition, all mini-bosses can be found after fulfilling the minimum number of kills, excluding Snowdrake and including Shyren.

The death counter for each area has different requirements. If some events occur before defeating all enemies in an area, the protagonist is automatically sent to a Neutral ending. For example, if you start the battle against Papyrus before defeating the required number of enemies in Snowdin, the cutscene that will be presented to you belongs to a Neutral ending. Even if the protagonist is captured and goes back to defeat the remaining enemies, when you challenge Papyrus again you will continue in a “neutral” playthrough. When you fail to fulfill any requirement of the genocidal ending you have to go back through a previous save, or you can also reset everything, otherwise you will not be able to reach this ending.

Neutral Endings

The Neutral Finals are somewhere between a pacifist ending and a genocidal ending, as you don’t save everyone, but you don’t kill them either.

There are several variations on this ending, but we will list the most relevant decisions, as well as the consequences that those decisions have.

  • It fulfills all the necessary requirements of the pacifist ending but kills between 1 to 9 monsters. This causes the game to end before you see the additional content of the pacifist ending, but if you follow our tips and reach the pacifist ending first, you will see these contents.
  • Kill a monster before you find Undyne.
  • Kill Toriel and save Undyne.
  • Kill 10 monsters (or more) and Papyrus. Killing or saving Mettaton will slightly change the end result.
  • Kill 10 monsters (or more) and Undyne. Killing or saving Papyrus will slightly change the end result.
  • Kill Undyne, Mettaton, and Toriel.
  • Kill Undyne and Toriel.
  • Only kill Undyne, Mettaton, Papyrus, and Toriel, but don’t kill any monsters.
  • Kill Undyne, Mettaton, Papyrus, Toriel, and some monsters.
  • Point to the genocidal ending but do not meet the requirements in the Hotlands.

Hard mode

Finally, there is a “hard mode”, which is not complete, and probably should never be, but it is still necessary to include it in this guide.

To access this mode, start a new game and in your name type “Frisk”, then play normally. When you arrive at the Ruins, you will notice that the enemies have been replaced by more powerful versions, which you will find later in the game. In addition, none of the switches are identified, and some of the dialogs will be slightly different. Excluding this, the game remains almost the same until you challenge Toriel.

When you are fighting her, an annoying dog will appear and the game will end. Apparently, according to a reddit user, this mode unlocks a bonus frame for players who try to play this mode.

Our guide ends here, but you can also read our guide that tells you how to unlock all the trophies and platinum the Undertale.