the Prime Days live their last hours. Take the opportunity to acquire the Withings ScanWatch at a very hot price!

Connected watches have become a real daily companion. These allow you to call, send and receive SMS, read emails, follow our daily physical activity or even control your smartphone remotely. However, if there is a manufacturer of connected watches that offers a range of simple, high-performance watches at a very reasonable price, it is Withings with the ScanWatch.

The latter is, unlike many competing models, relatively sober while offering very useful features for everyone. Moreover, the Withings ScanWatch is currently on sale during Prime Days at a price of 208.95 euros instead of 249.95 euros, or 41 euros in savings for the black 42 mm model.

A connected watch signed Withings that really has everything to please

At first, we can highlight the design similar to classic watches. The Withings ScanWatch has a round dial with real hands as well as a screen that can display information (depending on your preferences).

But where Withings has gone far is to have integrated sensors to measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, distance traveled or the number of steps. Various information about you and your daily life will be saved and played back in the specially designed app.

The application is of course free. The latter will synchronize not only with your smartphone, but also with the health applications on your smartphone, such as Health on the iPhone. You can find it on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store.

In short, the Withings ScanWatch is an excellent hybrid connected watch that will allow you to have a daily companion, but also a designer accessory on your wrist. As a reminder, the Withings ScanWatch is currently on sale during Prime Days at a price of 208.95 euros instead of 249.95 euros, or 41 euros in savings for the black 42 mm model.

The price of the Withings Body+ connected scale collapses during Prime Day

A lower price during Prime Day

Prime Day 2022 is almost over but you still have a few hours to take advantage of this period rich in promotions. In order not to miss any good deal, consume without further delay your free 30-day trial to Amazon Prime (then €5.99/month or €49/year). Once this is done, all the good plans of the American giant will be at your fingertips. It’s now or never !

Anyway, the delivery of the Withings Body+ will be free at home and at a collection point. To be able to pay in four instalments, your basket must reach at least 75 € of purchase. The warranty is valid for two years on this product.

Withings Body+: an ultra-complete scale

As you could imagine, this connected scale is not only used to measure your weight. Indeed, it has access to many data such as muscle mass, bone mass or the percentage of fat and water in your body. His analyzes will be constantly precise. Other surprises await you…

Thus, the Withings Body+ is able to save the profile of 8 different users. All you have to do is step on the scale for it to quickly recognize you. Your personal weight history will be available at any time. A pregnancy mode and a baby mode will be used to follow the growth of a child during the first months of his life.

Finally, by downloading the Withings Health Mate application, you will find the data of each weighing on your smartphone. Curves and other graphs will complete the analysis of your evolution.

Amazon Prime Day: one of the best connected scales at a price never seen

Withings Body+: the connected scale sees its price drop for Prime Day

As the world number 1 on the connected scale market, the French manufacturer Withings continues to offer high-tech products with generous functionality.

Since 2009, it has been offering connected scales with many advantages. This time, the Body+ not only informs you of your weight, it actually details the composition of your body and evaluates your nervous activity! You know your BMI, water level, fat, muscle or bone mass.

With this connected scale, Withings has been able to perform flawlessly and surpass its previous models. In addition to its ease of configuration, the scale is reliable, innovative and perfectly functional.

Much more than a simple scale, the Body+ is a real ally in everyday life. If you’re health conscious, you’ll appreciate pairing it with the Health Mate app, revealing a complete view of your body and providing nutritional tracking with plenty of advice.

Withings Body+: the benchmark for connected scales does not resist Prime Day


The Withings Body+ seems ordinary, yet the latter displays a lot of information. They can be consulted from the LCD screen which will give your weight by comparing it to the last 8 weighings in the form of a histogram. An advanced analysis that allows you to see your progress with precision and at a glance, day by day.

On the screen, there is information on the body mass index (BMI) and the weather of the day. In addition to weight, it measures the percentage of fat mass, the percentage of muscle mass, bone mass and the percentage of water that makes up your body.


The scale goes hand in hand with the Health Mate app. It gives all the information at your fingertips, with detailed monitoring. From the application, you will be able to set a weight goal to achieve, manage the number of your daily calories. You will have graphical representations, personalized advice and detailed nutritional monitoring to control your caloric intake.

Thanks to its compatibility with Alexa, you can even ask Amazon’s assistant what to do. It will also be possible to associate your favorite applications and programs that you use on a daily basis (such as Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Fitbit, etc.), and update your statistics.


Finally, it is possible to save up to eight profiles on the scale. It will automatically recognize the person who is there and will also make it possible to follow the evolution of his body. Each person will have a profile that will automatically sync with the person’s app. You can also create specific profiles for pregnant women and babies. The scale connects easily to your Wi-Fi network and as for autonomy, it will last up to 18 months and works with four standard AAA batteries.

Prime Day Withings: connected scale from €43, Thermo at €66 and watches on sale

To take care of your health in a modern way, Withings connected products are recognized. During Prime Day, many devices from the French brand are subject to reductions.

The entry-level Body connected scale is €42.74 instead of €59.95. It measures weight and BMI by automatically recognizing the person, then transmits this data wirelessly to the iPhone (Health app supported). To get your body composition (muscle mass, fat mass, etc.), the Body+ scale is €61.72 instead of €99.95.

If it’s not your weight but your temperature that you want to control easily, the Withings Thermo temple thermometer is on sale at €66.39 instead of €99.95. It makes it very easy to take the temperature and synchronizes the data with a mobile application to follow the episodes of fever.

The BPM Connect blood pressure monitor is €65.52 (€99.95). He knows how to measure blood pressure and heart rate. To also perform an electrocardiogram and have an electronic stethoscope on hand, the BPM Core model is €189.95 (€249.95).

Amazon also applies discounts on hybrid connected watches from Withings. At the entry level, the Move, which notably counts steps and sleep, is only €51.95 (€69.95). Capable of carrying out an additional electrocardiogram, the Move ECG is sold for €85.49 (€99.99). More elegant and equipped with an OLED screen to have more info on the wrist, the Steel HR is at 123.45 € (179.95 €).

Finally, at the very top of the range, the ScanWatch is at €208.95 (€279.95). It is Withings’ most complete watch, with PMOLED display, heart rate, ECG, oximeter and cardio fitness index, among others.

Prime Day promotions are for Amazon Prime members only. The subscription includes expedited delivery, Prime Video, two million tracks on Amazon Music, and other benefits. It costs €5.99/month without commitment or €49/year. A 30-day free trial is available.

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