Epic games just launched the update 2.2.0 of Fortnite for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The company is working hard to continue improving the Battle Royale and in that way to retain those who have played it and attract those who have not yet. The work is paying off and their number of players is increasing. The main novelty is the improvement of the stability of the map.

More content, more points of interest and technical improvements

It is one of the most complete updates of all that have been made. With this improvement Epic Games tries to turn the map around to make it different. This new map will include new cities, new elements and there will be areas with life that were previously totally deserted.

A mine and a city will be the two most prominent new locations. The biomes to provide richness and personality to every corner.

It will be possible for players to point their weapons right after landing on the ground if they hold down the aim button while in the air.

There will also be a new processing effect for the underwater camera which will be accompanied by some effects when it enters and leaves the water. Players will also be able to interact with grass and forage as they move across the map.

Voice chat options are improved before games and friendly fire may be disabled.

Here is a video published by Fortnite with all the news on the map.

What do you think of this update? Have you navigated the new map?

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