Don’t feel like keeping an eye on your ammo, health and stamina in Red Dead Redemption 2? Have you just lost your trusty steed and just spawn a new one right away? Or do you just want to reveal the entire map right away? Then of course there are enough cheat codes to escape the harsh reality. Wimpie has fourteen ready for you.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City I was often guilty of: too much heat on my ? Enter a leavemealone to get the police away. An arsenal of weapons to mow down innocent people? Nuttertools was my mattie. Every Rockstar title has an arsenal of cheating options, of course Red Dead Redemption 2 also has the necessary options to cheat things. At the moment there are about fourteen cheats known for Rockstar’s latest, I’ll go through them with you so that you can go crazy in the Wild West of 1899 every now and then.

First some practical information before you start cheating. You have to pause the game to enter the codes. While in the pause menu, press triangle on PS4 and Y if you’re playing on Xbox One, then you’ll be taken to the cheats menu and enter the codes. Some cheats require you to have already done some things in Red Dead 2. For example, you have to buy a newspaper to enter a cheat. You must have these items in your inventory in order to cheat. Cheating also means that you can no longer save people, so look before you leap! Update: Players have found five new cheats for special weapons, the Honor meter and the Wanted level. These are added at the bottom of this schedule.



What is happening?

What do you need?

Abundance is the dullest desire

Infinite Ammo

Provides unlimited ammo

Newspaper: New Hanover Gazette No. 27, for sale from Vandette in Chapter 1

Greed is American Virtue

Heavy weapons

Adds Pump-Action Shotgun, Bolt Action Rifle, Mauser Pistol, and Semi-Automatic Pistolweapons to your inventory

Newspaper: Get the newspapers after the mission in Chapter 03: Advertising, the New American Art

You Long for Sight but See Nothing

Fog of War

Reveals the entire folder

Newspaper: Buy newspaper after Chapter 03: Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern mission

I shall be better

Set Dead Eye Level (3)

Set your Deadeye skill level to Rank 3, you can stay in Deadeye after shooting


I seek and I find

Set Dead Eye Level (5)

Set your Deadeye skill level to Rank 5


You flourish before you die

Set Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Bars to Full

Completely fills your Health, Stamina and Deadeye Bars


You Seek More Than The World Offers

Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars

Fill all your Bars and Fortify them

Unknown Newspaper required

Better than my dog

Increase Horse Whistle Range

You can call your horse from all distances


A fool on command


You get drunk right away


Run! Run! Run!

Create race horse

Spawns a Race Horse


You are a beast built for war

Create War Horse

Spawns a War Horse

Unknown Newspaper required

Keep your dreams simple

Create Wagon

Spawns a Wagon with one horse


Would you be happier as a clown?

Create Circus Wagon

Spawns a Circus Wagon

Unknown Newspaper required

Virtue Unearned is not virtue

High Honor

Increases your Honor rating

Unknown Newspaper required

A simple life, a beautiful death

Simple Weapons

Adds an arsenal of simple weapons to your inventory


Death is silence

Stealth Weapons

Adds stealth weapons to your inventory (Machete, throwing / improved / poison knives, tomahawks, homing tomahawks)


Balance. All is balance

Reset Honor

Your Honor meter will be reset


You want punishment

Increase Wanted Level

Increases your wanted level


You want freedom

Decrease Wanted level

Decreases your wanted level


In total, there should be at least thirty cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2. As soon as I discover more, I will add them in this feature. Also, let me know if you discover a new cheat by means of a comment, and I will complete the list. The cheats can of course only be used in single player and not in Red Dead Online, which will go into beta mode next month. For more Red Dead Redemption 2, check out Simon’s review, Johan’s Helemaal Hyped, and check out the new Companion App, which went live with the game today. Cheats away folks, Howdy!