Use your Mac’s iSight to play

I had heard about this game before, but on Thursday Samuel mentioned it on his blog and I decided to give it a try this weekend.

To give you an idea, it is something like the Eye Toy of PlayStation 2 but on Mac (there are also versions for other operating systems). Using the integrated camera (or external, if we have one compatible) we can play games with our body: tank wars, emulate paratroopers, lots of skill games and above all fun to play among several. You can see a video of how the game is on Apple’s own website.

Setting up the game is pretty easy: When it is run for the first time, we have to get out of front of the camera so that the program “records” the background and knows distinguish between us and him. It’s that easy, something like how the next version of iChat and its dynamic backgrounds will work.

The program has a excellent soundtrack, with songs of high quality and quite lively to cheer us up while we play. Unfortunately the game is paid, although the price is not bad, $ 24.95. There are 15 different games, plus “extras” and using graphics acceleration through OpenGL in them.

The game it is not universal Still, although it works perfectly on Intel Macs … You can download a demo with a game from the official website, to be able to test it.