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Valorant – connecting the phone to the PC crashed the anti-cheat

Valorant – connecting the phone to the PC crashed the anti-cheat

Valorant’s anti-cheat system may arouse further controversy.

A few days ago, the proprietary protection against cheaters in the game Valorant caused a wave of controversy on the Internet. All this due to the fact that it turned out that it starts when the PC starts and works at the level of the operating system kernel, which means that it has extensive administrative rights. Yesterday, however, it turned out that connecting the phone to the computer during the game may cause the anti-cheat to fail and thus force the game to restart.

Such a situation was experienced yesterday by the professional CS: GO player Oscar “mixwell” Canellas Colocho. When broadcasting live, playing Valuing with friends, he wanted to charge the phone using a computer and plugged the device via a USB cable. This caused the antycheat to crash and forced the game to restart.

The player himself initially thought that he was banned, because even after restarting the game, he still could not log in to it. However, the situation has now been rectified and the streamer has regained access to the closed beta. Most likely, the anti-cheat error was caused by the smartphone software, which the system detected as an external program that could directly interfere with the game. Interestingly, a similar experience was experienced by others, including a Pole – Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski – to whom the game threw an error after switching to another application using the Alt + Tab key combination. As you can see, the developers from Riot Games still have a lot of work to do.

Valorant is in closed beta since April 7. The controversial way of granting access to tests attracted a huge number of viewers to the Twitch platform. The creators banned the first cheaters, and also block resold accounts with access to the game.