Valorant competition is the result of the union of Rakin, Final Level and Gamers Club

Designed by the streamer Rakin and at Final Level, the tournament will take place on the 12th, 13th and 14th of June, with a total prize pool of R $ 20,000.00 (Vite a thousand reais). In addition, donations received during the tournament will be directed to a charity focused on fighting Covid-19. Rakin joined forces with the Final Level to raise the whole structure and promote a very high level event. The competition will have technical support from Gamers Club, which will carry out the transmission operation with its Casters team on the Rakin at Twitch.

The tournament will be an Invitational and the participating teams will be formed by professional FPS players and streamers who stood out during the Closed Beta period of Valorant. The competition will be held in the “double-elimination” format and the team that loses two matches will be eliminated. The captains of each team will be announced on 06/07 and the complete lineups will be published on 06/08 on the social networks of Rakin.

THE Rakin Cup by Final Level shows the influence of the influencer in the development of the competitive scenario of Valorant in Brazil. He commented on the motivation for the tournament:

“I want to help pump the Brazilian competitive scenario of a game that has the potential to be very big internationally”. Rakin showed his involvement with the gaming community by becoming one of the first Brazilians to start FPS on his channel, gaining more than 400 thousand new followers during the Closed Beta period. Previously, Rakin had already held tournaments of Teamfight Tactics.

THE Valorant proved to be a game capable of uniting diverse communities of gamers and the ideal scenario for the Final Level get closer to the competitive landscape. Gabriel Duarte, director of New Business at Final Level, believes strongly in the potential of the game.

“How Final Level, the largest Gamer entertainment hub in Brazil, we strongly believe in the relevance of Valorant for different communities. For this reason, we bet together with Rakin in this World Cup format so that we can help foster the segment ”.

THE Gamers Club will support the tournament in the Casters operation and team. GC’s CEO, Yuri Fly, commented on the partnership:

“THE Gamers Club its mission is to develop the regional esports scenario. We believe that this project shares the same objectives that we have. The weight of Rakin for our scenario, in addition to the credibility and reach of Final Level, motivates us to build this partnership ”.

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