It is undeniable that Electronic Arts has been dedicated to delivering the best experience possible in Star Wars Battlefront II. Updates ranging from additions to the franchise’s content, such as those referring to the third film trilogy of the saga and the The Mandalorian series, to the resolutions of serious problems reported during its troubled launch, such as the issues of loot box and microtransactions, have been constant since the end of 2017 and, to this day, support for the game is still quite present.

However, one of the points highly praised in Battlefront II has always been its graphic quality, which offered tremendous realism in relation to the setting and the constant effects of lights seeking, at all times, to bring the loyalty presented by the franchise, with the space shooting, battles with lightsabers and the most varied planetary atmospheres.

Despite the undeniable graphic quality, a video released by a EA Game Changer revealed that since the launch of the game, Eletronic Arts and the developers of the title are not resting in order to offer the most authentic and immersive experience possible in games. See the video below, making it possible to compare the graphic disparities and, at the same time, notice the improvements in animations, shadow effects, lights and technical aspects such as the FX and AO settings.

Several characters like Darth Maul, Kylo Ren and Rey were added in several updates during the seasons of the game. However, even with the recent addition of some, it is possible to observe that even they had their visuals improved, with a better polishing of contours, shadows, facial expressions and animations of movement.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.