Are you looking for an internship? That’s great, because we are looking for enthusiastic interns who would like to be part of the best gaming brand in the world!

For the upcoming internship period (from January / February 2019) we are looking for interns who conduct a relevant study and would like to join our video team for 6 months. That sounds like a big deal, but no! That time flies!

As a video intern you will work on PU-TV, but also on videos of our colleagues at InsideGamer and Gamer. You are also present every day at the nicest editorial office in the Netherlands and you get the chance to learn a lot in the field of editing, camera work, animation, design and technology. Getting coffee is appreciated, but we can no longer demand it due to international human rights. And you can cow PU editors with impunity, because if you are good enough you can direct. But then you have to do your very best!

Do you like games and would you like to get started making videos for both YouTube and Facebook and live streams on Twitch? Then sign up at [email protected] with your CV, motivation and portfolio and who knows, we might see you this winter!

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