We would love to stock up on any of Skyrim’s cheese discs, but we’ve come across more complex dishes in games – some of which we can make at home.

It is a good thing to cook, less to do the dishes, but that should be the problem of our saturated self. Of course, it’s much easier to order, so you can get away with putting together one or two cutlery – but what if you want food in a game? Chances are it won’t be on offer in domestic restaurants. However, a lot of in-game food is quite desirable: from the revitalizing chicken popping up in beat ’em ups to the complex stews of Final Fantasy XV, our saliva has been dripping into many things. We’ve put together some food that we’d eat right away, and if you want to make geek dishes, we also strongly recommend Gourmet Gaming, Level 1 Chef, Eat Game Live, and The Geeky Chef, not to mention the countless cookbooks that come incessantly.

Virtually anything from Final Fantasy XV

A beautiful game was Final Fantasy XV, released in 2016, and the food that Ignis threw together was especially nice. He was able to prepare over 100 meals and we simply can’t choose a favorite. Suffice it to watch the video montage below, you will immediately understand why it is difficult to highlight one or two.

Sandvich (Team Fortress 2)

Sandwiches can be creative indefinitely, but sometimes the simplest solution is best. In Team Fortress 2, the sandwich that Heavy can eat consists of two halved toast slices, cold cuts, cheese, tomatoes and a salad with an olive on top. You don’t have to be a great cook to make it.

Sweet Roll (Skyrim)

In Skyrim, in addition to cheese, Sweet Roll has also become an iconic dish. It is a popular sweet in many places, presumably some pastry with a sweet sauce on top. According to the recipe in the Hearthfire supplement, you need salt, milk, flour, butter and eggs, but if you just mix these together, the end result may not be right. Visitors to the 2016 PAX Australia were otherwise able to taste the “real” Sweet Roll, as envisioned at Bethesda, as the first 100 visitors received one.

The cake (Portal)

There are many distinctive elements to Portal games, but it’s probably not clear to lay people what the blue and orange portals have to do with the cake. Well, professional players know that cake is a lie, a motivational tool that no matter how good it looks, can never be ours – in the game. Anyway, a simple chocolate cake with cherries and mousse on top will probably be made to us by any patisserie if we show you a picture of it – or any of our acquaintances who tend to impress members of the group of friends with homemade cakes.

Mushrooms (Super Mario)

Honestly, have you never felt like the mushrooms that Mario consumes for growth or +1 try look mouth-watering? Yet if we see similarities in reality, they are probably toxic and it is not worth expecting a positive effect from them. At the same time, if someone makes muffins like these, there’s an immediate compromise: we don’t die at best, we eat delicious, and we can imagine ourselves as Mario.

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