Visual Concepts | NBA 2K studio is working on an open world racing game

It seems that 2K Sports may be expanding its line of games. As seen by the user of Restera Marmalade, the developer of NBA 2K and WWE 2K, the Visual Concepts has posted several job openings for a new, unannounced, open-world vehicle-based project being done at Orange Country Foothill Ranch.

Visual Concepts is currently looking for a world-class designer, world designer, assistant artist and software engineer focused on vehicles.

The question is, what could Visual Concepts be working on? Could this new project be related in any way to your work in the NBA and WWE? Maybe they are working on a new racing simulator from 2K Sports, but the open world approach may be against it.

In addition, 2K has been in the Midnight Club franchise for some time, so there are many possibilities.