Vmaker is a free “all-in-one” to record your Mac screen and webcam, edit and share it easily

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to modify many aspects of our day-to-day lives, and it is something that we have been able to verify when creating content. Many television programs have begun to integrate video calls, a resource that is becoming more and more common.

Vmaker is a kind of Swiss army knife for recording content on our equipment, since it allows us to record our screen, webcam and even edit what we have recorded very easily.

“Vmaker combines the idea of ​​video calls with the ease of documentation that email offers.”

Record, edit and share

This tool is from the creators of Animaker, a well-known application when it comes to creating animations and which we have already talked about on occasion. In fact, Animaker is integrated into Vmaker, which means that you can add animations to your recordings with a simple click.

One of the positive points of Vmaker, besides being free, it allows us to record videos without a time limit. We can choose to record the screen, the camera or both at the same time.

It is also possible to choose if we want to record the full screen, a specific tab or select a specific area. We can also activate the “do not disturb” mode to prevent pop ups from appearing during recording.

The list of functionalities is very wide: annotate on screen while recording, customize background that appears behind us, hide or blur a certain part of our screen or emphasize certain areas of our screen to capture the attention of the person who sees it.

In fact, on the Vmaker website there is a section dedicated to “possible users” (such as YouTubers, work teams or people related to the world of education) in which they explain how it could help them:

“Why invest in production, when you can record, edit, publish YouTube videos for free?”

Once you’ve finished recording, you can easily edit it without leaving Vmaker. What’s more, at the time of sharing You can even activate a function (reminiscent of Snapchat) so that the video you send is not accessible, automatically, after a certain time.

And we remember that all this is free. Currently Vmaker is available only for macOS, but its developers assure that they are developing versions for Windows, iOS and Android (they even point to an extension for Chrome).

There are some pro features (such as the ability to record video in 4K) if we pay for the premium version, which starts at $ 10 a month. Interestingly, the corporate version (which can be used by a team of 200 people) costs just five dollars more: 15 dollars a month.