Wargroove Creators Apologize For Dubbing Black Characters With White Voice Actors

Just a few days ago, the Chuckefish studio announced the voice casting for the Wargroove DLC. Soon after, social networks were filled with complaints because they had hired white voice actors to play black characters.

The company has published the following note arguing the decision and apologizing:

“We want to thank the feedback we have received in the last hours regarding the casting of actors for voices in Wargroove. We appreciate the opinion of everyone who has shared their concerns and educated us. We want to be honest with what happened, during the casting process we knew that we did not want our subconscious to influence the hiring and we took two measures to avoid it “

“The first was to hire an external casting agency to take care of the selection, and the second was to listen to the blind tests. We did not look at profiles, or catalogs, or images or anything like that, and we took our decision only using the audio files. “

“We understand that publishing the photos of our actors in characters of color without recognizing the systemic problem of representation that exists in the industry was not very sensitive and a very poor communication,” they regret in the statement that you can read in full at the end of these lines. “We sincerely apologize for the damage we may have caused and will be more responsive to casting decisions in the future to better represent people of color in the industry.”