Warzone has only just launched Season 4 Relaoded, but a new leak is already revealing secrets about the upcoming Season 5, which will then be the final chapter of CoD Vanguard and finally prepare players for the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. We now know new weapons, events and evil operators from reliable sources.

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Exit March 20, 2020
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Warzone: a leak shows new weapons, just before Modern Warfare 2 and the new season

When does season 5 start? Warzone Season 4 Reloaded is still ongoing, but Season 5 will kick off on August 13, 2022. Season 5 is expected to be the last chapter before Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 becomes the new main game in October 2022, and Warzone 2 also doesn’t start in 2022. For this last season, we now know the weapons, events and operators, thanks to a leak.

Who is behind this leak? The information itself comes from the official game files, which were in the “Season 4 Relaoded” update. Famous dataminer Reality UK dug into the code. The finds were then ranked by CoD expert eColiEspresso, who had previously analyzed the top 5 loadouts with the fastest TTT in Warzone.

The leak is considered almost safe and very believable. Reality UK has already revealed events and content in this way in previous seasons. But what does this leak reveal about the last season before the arrival of Modern Warfare 2?

3 new weapons revealed These 3 weapons are expected to be added to Warzone in Season 5, starting August 2022:

  • FN2000 (F-November): An assault rifle suitable for Modern Warfare 2
  • EM1 (Emike1): Precursor to EM2, probably with slow rate of fire, but high damage per bullet
  • K-Gun: A gun, probably the KG99 /TEC-9 with a large magazine.

Here’s a tweet from the dataminator regarding Warzone Season 5’s cool weapons:

FN2000 weapons appear to be more modern than current Vaguard weapons. This already prepares players for the latest part of CoD, Modern Warfare 2, which is expected to take place in the near future. The other weapons again match the historically older Vanguard. Weapon values ​​are unfortunately still a secret.

Warzone: Evil operators and events to prepare for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

This is what the leak again reveals: Hiding in the game files is information about three villains who are expected to be behind some sinister deeds in Season 5. There are also leaks about a new crossover with Netflix.

  • Event : A new crossover is planned in Warzone with Umbrella Academy. This is a superhero series that airs on Netflix. The crossover should probably start in the second half of Season 5 (as is currently the Termintor event) or before the fight between Godzilla and King Kong.
  • New Operator: Raul Mendez (Black Ops 2/3), Rorke (Ghost) and Serpah (Black Ops 3) are set to join Warzone as Operators – all known CoD villains. This matches official bits of information given by Ravensoftware itself. The developer hinted at the return of known villains. According to the data, the villains arrive with bundles in the store, it is currently unknown whether they can also be unlocked for free in game.

A new gas mask glitch in Warzone is driving players crazy

Although CoD’s first battle royale experience is now in Season 4 Reloaded and two years after the game’s debut, the gas mask is finding new ways to stir up trouble.

For a long time, fans of the game panicked when near the gas with a mask in their possession, as they knew that if a gunfight ensued, the game’s mask removal system could cause the game to go awry. fight quickly.

meme-viewerno says: “Thanks devs, now every time I go gas even with a gas mask on I take a damage tick and make a big coughing sound so the enemy knows exactly where I am am, even if I wear a gas mask.” So even if you take the right precautions and wear a gas mask, the game still registers gas damage, which obviously causes a loud, nasty cough that reveals your location to everyone around you. near.

Clearly this happens to other people as well, with the most liked comment being: “I agree! It’s extremely boring”

Another user added: “Dude, two days ago I intentionally stayed in the gas so my operator would put on the mask and I could shoot people running in the area from inside the gas. I decided to enter the zone and fight, but as soon as I am outside the gas, the mask goes on and I lose the firefight.

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