Watch Dogs 2 – How to unlock all trophies and achievements

A guide certainly cannot miss a list of all the unlockable trophies and achievements and also in the case of Watch Dogs 2 the time has come to find out how to 100% complete the adventures of Marcus Holloway.

Below we will naturally offer you a complete list of trophies and achievements, also explaining what is needed to unlock them, as well as a short roadmap in which we explain step by step how to approach the new chapter of the Ubisoft brand.

Let’s start immediately with the type of approach recommended.

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Trophies / achievements: a roadmap to unlock them

The hunt for all Watch Dogs 2 trophies / achievements isn’t particularly complicated. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Complete Main Missions and Side Missions – The story mode is obviously impossible to miss but there are also some objectives related to the Secondary Missions. For these activities we have a dedicated page that could certainly be useful for you.
  • Open-world activities – There are some side activities such as Racing which unlocks a handful of trophies. At the same time, some objectives are linked to particular actions that could be easily skipped (for example particularly long jumps with a vehicle).
  • The collectibles – We have dedicated a section of the guide to key collectible data. After the various missions and secondary activities, dedicate yourself to this research.
  • The online – These are rather clear and simple objectives to complete, nothing too demanding.
  • Trophies / achievements: how to unlock them

    For convenience we will divide the different objectives using the term Trophy typical of PlayStation platforms but of course the guide is the same also for Xbox One and PC users.

    Beyond the Platinum Trophy that is obtained after unlocking all the trophies we find:

    Bronze Trophies

    -Who I am?

    Trophy linked to history.

    – Put your pants on

    After arriving in the open world of Watch Dogs 2, go and buy some pants at a store


    Purchase a two-handed weapon from the 3D printer. It is located in the hacker headquarters and you will probably unlock it without even realizing it.

    – In Style

    Shop the Gatorfeet Whine shoes. To do this, just head to the “Plainstock” store in Oakland, in the eastern area of ​​the game world.


    You will have to get on a tram. They are located in the area near the Transamerica Pyramid, follow the tracks or wait until you see one

    -Only God can judge Me

    Buy a T-shirt from the Nudle vending machine. They are located in the south of Silicon Valley.

    -The best friend

    Pet 10 dogs. Whenever you see a dog, approach and pet it. There are many in the beach area or Pier 39 area (north of San Francisco).


    Just walk with the smartphone camera active until NPC poses. It happens quite often.

    – Memorable vehicle

    You have to drive a unique vehicle. How to find it? Here is the section that we have dedicated precisely to this goal.

    – Wet Youth

    Steal a boat.

    – Bus thieves

    Steal a bus. Buses have a random spawn but are more easily found in downtown areas.

    -Searched free

    Escape a level 5 crime. To be able to unlock this achievement it is advisable to at least take a look at the following video. Taking advantage of the parking doors is very convenient in this case.


    Drive the Merengue for 4km. Buy the car at the Total Motors dealership and drive it for 4 km.

    -Sweet dreams

    Stealth 30 enemies. It is quite simple to unlock it normally as you play

    -To infinity

    Jump 140 meters in a vehicle. To be able to unlock the goal it is advisable to use the fastest bike in the game, the Sayonara, and unlock the Engine Override ability to get the Nitro and therefore an additional speed boost.

    – Sea wolf

    Complete a Boat Race


    Hack a robot.

    -There’s no two without three

    Make three jumps in a row on a vehicle. There should be no problem unlocking this achievement.

    – Hold my forehead

    Take a picture of a person who is vomiting. The best area to do this is Jack London Square in Oakland. This type of npc has a random spawn.

    -Take me for a walk

    Travel 200 meters over a car you hacked. For this you need the Directional Hack skill of vehicles.

    -One of us

    Complete five DedSec events.

    -Killer born

    Neutralize a hunter in the online bounty hunter mode.

    -Marcus, have mercy

    Kill five fugitives in Bounty Hunter mode.

    – Hold my hand

    Complete a co-op Operation.

    – Time for food

    Use the “Call the Police” hack on a man disguised as a donut in the Haight-Ashbury area. You will need the dedicated skill which costs six research points.


    Successfully perform an Invasion against another player.

    – He fixes her photos

    Take 25 photos in the areas indicated by ScoutX.


    Buy 25 cars.

    -Pimp my eKart

    Unlock all eKart upgrades.

    – I’ll be up

    Buy all the apps for your smartphone.

    – I do the laps

    Take part in a drone race. You have to buy the drone from the hacker headquarters.

    -I never stop

    Take part in a motorcycle race.

    -The Fox

    Complete the Shadow mission. It is part of the story and is automatically unlocked.

    -Leak on leak

    Complete the Shot mission in Ubisoft. We talk about it in the section of the guide dedicated to Secondary Missions.

    Silver Trophies


    Find all the key data in the game world. We have dedicated a section to how to find all the key data.

    -Welcome to the Mile High Club

    Complete the Hack the World mission. Mission impossible to avoid.

    -Recover the pieces

    Complete the Mirror mission. Mission impossible to avoid.

    – It’s about money

    Complete the False Profits mission. Mission impossible to avoid.


    Complete the Cyberdriver mission. Mission impossible to avoid.

    -Haum Sweet Fit

    Complete the Haum Sweet Haum mission. Mission impossible to avoid.


    Complete the Weaknesses mission. Mission impossible to avoid.

    -100% regular

    Complete the $ 911 mission. Mission impossible to avoid.


    Complete mission S0tt00 C0ntr0ll0. Mission impossible to avoid.

    – Old school justice

    Complete the Eye for an Eye mission. Mission impossible to avoid


    Complete the Hacker War mission. Mission impossible to avoid

    -Every item is important

    Complete the Power to the Sheep mission. Mission impossible to avoid


    Complete the Robot War mission. Mission impossible to avoid.

    -You are on a boat!

    Complete the Frigate mission. Mission impossible to avoid.

    Gold Trophies

    -Hack the world

    Final mission. Mission impossible to avoid.

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