Despite a non-idyllic welcome, Watch Dogs 2 has been able to carve out its space in the crowded and hypercompetitive Christmas market and has slowly expanded thanks to new contents designed both for those who love playing solo and for those who have not disdained the idea of ​​going online to try obstruct the plans of other hackers.

The new DLC, called No Compromise, will try to satisfy both souls of this production. We tried it for a few hours at Ubisoft’s Milan offices, on PS4, the platform that hosted all the additional content of the game in an exclusive time frame. Our test was divided into two sections, the first dedicated to the new Dedsec operation called Moscow Gamibt, while the second used to preview the upcoming news also for online gaming, but let’s go in order.

Thanks to the fabulous 3D printer you can build the new weapons of the DLC.

Moscow Gambit is a new Dedsec operation that will see the good Marcus clash with none other than the Russian mafia that has landed in San Francisco. Leaving aside for a second the unfortunate timing that Ubisoft has chosen to bring to the screen a new US-Russia clash, given the renewed tension that has recently been between the two countries, this operation will tell a new adventure for the protagonist and his friends which will also allow you to get your hands on some new content, like three different cop, paramedic and fireman costumes (no, they’re not the Village People) and new non-lethal weapons.

The costumes will give access to a new type of vehicles which in turn should unlock missions and people’s behaviors consistent with the outfit worn. The new weapons, a short-range air rifle and a precision stun gun, can be created through the fabulous 3D printer hidden inside the Dedsec headquarters and will allow you to maintain a legal / good attitude throughout the game.

In addition there will be six timed races to compete against on world leaderboards. In the beginning, the multiplayer content was supposed to be part of No Compromise, but Ubisoft later decided to make it available for free to all, in order to make the Watch Dogs 2 online scene more lively.

Starting from April 18, PlayStation 4 users (Xbox One and PC users will have to wait another month) will be able to compete in Showd0wn. This is a new competitive team mode in which two teams of two players will compete to reach various objectives placed on the map.

Initially the challenge, called Doomload, could be compared to a variant of King of the Hill, in which you will have to be the first to hack a server or steal special hard drives located in the craziest points of the city. These modes will give some variety to the online game and will allow you to challenge each other in short and intense comparisons, in which it will not only be necessary to shoot, but also to understand how to reach a goal perhaps placed too high, or how to take advantage of the conformation of the level. The new weapons will also add that extra bit of madness to the action, as the paint gun, for example, is more lethal and fun to use in Watch Dogs 2 than in Splatoon.

In addition, three new types of races will be introduced to play with four other players. The one aboard the eKart is a crazy version of Mario Kart in which you will not be able to use shells and power-ups to get the better of your opponents. The drone race is instead a more technical experience, since these flying objects will be more complex to control, since they will also have to be managed vertically and must be kept away from branches and other obstacles.

You’ll find new cop, fireman and paramedic costumes that will unlock new gameplay options.

Finally, motocross races are grueling races along kilometer-long routes aboard motocross bikes that are not particularly fast and agile. In the latter case, the not excellent physics of the vehicles of Watch Dogs 2 and the length of the competition (the one we tested counted 150 checkpoints, just to give you an idea) did not allow this type of race to meet our tastes, but we refer the full opinion to the review.

Thanks to the mix of free and paid content, the latest Watch Dogs 2 DLC promises to introduce different meat on the fire to Ubisoft’s huge open world. All elements able to fit perfectly within the game context, also due to a certain lack of courage and originality inherent in the proposal. However, the publication of Senza Compromessi is very close, stay with us.

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