Welcome to Super Power Unlimited, the column that lists superhero and comic news for you every week. November is about a week and a half young today and it’s all getting a bit colder, so it’s high time to warm up with Watchmen, Deadpool and Spidey news.

The ninth Super Power Unlimited is waiting for you again with news about HBO’s Watchmen, a Deadpool movie for kids, the box office success of Venom and the first reactions to Aquaman!

Details about the Watchmen series

Jeremy Irons plays older Ozymandias

Jeremy Irons (Lion King, Die Hard With a Vengance) is set to play an older version of Watchmen character Ozymandias. The former Watchmen member had a major role in the graphic novel and Zack Snyder’s movie. Irons’ casting confirms that the series is set after the events of the graphic novel and suggests that other characters who survived the story are also returning.

Jeremy Irons Confirmed As Older Ozymandias In HBO’s ‘WATCHMEN’ https://t.co/bHpMSNMFpspic.twitter.com/n1lJiigaWH

– The Geek Mansion (@thegeekmansion_) November 12, 2018

Fictional series about the Minutemen

On the set of HBO’s Watchmen, an image has surfaced of a bus showing fictional advertisements for a series about the Minutemen. The Minutemen were a group of heroes who were the forerunners of the Watchmen. Hooded Justice, one of the members of the Minutemen, can be seen on the bus.

Justiça Encapuzada (Hooded Justice) aparece em nova photo do set the film agent!

A imagem faz referência a um programa de TV fictício chamado ‘American Hero Story: Minutemen’, que provavelmente funcionará como uma história paralela dentro da própria série da HBO. pic.twitter.com/rrMyDY8awP

– Watchmen Brasil (@Watchmen_Brasil) November 7, 2018

Tim Blake Nelson plays Looking Glass: ‘the story has the right atmosphere’

Tim Black Nelson (O Brother, Where are Thou?) Is going to play a character who is neither in the graphic novel nor in the movie. Looking Glass, as the character is called, got a much bigger role when Nelson was cast by director Damon Lindelof. Nelson also told Collider that he likes the thematic tone that Lindelof has in mind for the series:

I’ll only say that I haven’t encountered a false note. And I’ll also say that I’ve been allowed to color my own work, in a way that’s very specific to the world that I knew, growing up. That’s been great for me. It’s been really rewarding, and I very much appreciated Damon’s openness to that

Nelson is often cast for his silly appearance. That is also the reason that he often collaborates with director duo the Coen brothers. You will see exactly what the role of Nelson will be next year when the series is released.

Watchmen: Tim Blake Nelson on tone, character, and why he signed up https://t.co/PAcqwaOdKJpic.twitter.com/WY6P7FxEjN

– BetaSeries News (@BetaSeries_News) November 12, 2018

Kid-friendly Deadpool movie is coming January 1st

New filming has taken place for the kid-friendly version of Deadpool 2, Once Upon a Deadpool. In the print suitable for kids, actor Fred Savage appears as an adult version of his character The Grandson from The Princess Bride. Deadpool would kidnap Savage’s character in the movie and all the extra scenes to be shot for this were shot in one day. Below the tweet with the movie poster:

The only F word in this movie is Fred Aaron Savage. # OnceUponADeadpool # AsYouWishpic.twitter.com / fkzhLhWrPj

– Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) November 9, 2018

The film will run in the US from December 12, which means that Americans can enjoy Deadpool with their little brother or sister at Christmas. For us, the Christmas joy is seriously ruined: One Upon a Deadpool can only be seen in the Netherlands from 1 January.

Venom is doing well, Sony expands movie universe with Morbius the Living Vampire, Spidey probably holds

According to analysts, the success of Venom means that Sony will not give up the rights to Spider-Man and associated characters for the time being. The launch of Venom was good and Sony wants to expand the film universe with a movie about Morbius the Living Vampire and an adventure around Silver Sable and Black Cat.

If Venom flops, talks about Disney’s buying back the rights could start again, but the success (Box Office of half a billion dollars worldwide) makes that chance small, according to Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations.

First reactions to Aquaman

The first reactions to Aquaman give a fairly positive impression. A few call the film a great achievement in the field of filmmaking and storytelling:

I can say I have seen #Aquaman I can’t talk about details but I can tell you it’s a major achievement in film making and storytelling it’s a display that Walter hamada is doing a great job it’s evidence that James should direct more DC movies

– mick minas (@MOVIESTVMAD) November 8, 2018

The other thinks it is a good film, but certainly not groundbreaking. The CGI would be solid, just like the story:

So … about #Aquaman. A reaction from final film:
– It’s pretty good! Not groundbreaking, but solid
– Action is good, story is alright
– CGI is decent
Score is meh
– Mera / Arthur are hit and miss
– Overall, a good movie pic.twitter.com/vK678zRptE

– baji (@AemonBarz) November 8, 2018

Furthermore, some fans who have already seen the film went loose, they were only super positive:

Aquaman is my top DC movie now. You heard it here first. First to watch it on the west coast!

– Carl Abellana (@carlcarlsonnnn) November 8, 2018

Aquaman was sooo gooood !!! https://t.co/kKpGCe3rjJ

– alejandґґґa (@aleJOHNdra_) November 8, 2018

For those asking, audiences seem to really love #Aquaman last night, haven’t heard a single bad thing, beautiful, funny, adventurous, it’s really everything you want. pic.twitter.com/15DrTGYU9q

– KC Walsh (@TheComixKid) November 8, 2018

So, these are very good reactions, left behind by a few. But check out a similar DC Comics release called Suicide Squad… And the first reactions to that… Influenced by the hype, perhaps?

Short trailer of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

To conclude, a short trailer of new Spidey animation film that looks awesome!

So, that was already the ninth Super Power Unlimited. The video version in which the above news and other topics will be discussed soon will also be published below. Cheers and see you next Super PU!