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watchOS 9 will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity of Apple Watch Series 4 and 5

watchOS 9 will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity of Apple Watch Series 4 and 5

A more accurate battery with watchOS 9?

Good news for all those who will be able to take advantage of the future watchOS 9 update. Indeed, on the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5, the new operating system signed Apple will take care of recalibrating the battery, in order to lead to a better estimate of the maximum capacity.

Concretely, this means that under watchOS 9, the Apple Watches concerned will indicate a remaining autonomy that is much more precise than today, thanks to a new calibration of the state of the battery. If this is a first on the Apple Watch range, the operation had already been carried out in the past on the iPhone 11 with iOS 14.5.

watchOS 9 will recalibrate the battery of Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5

The watchOS 9 installation process will take one more step for Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5 users. On these two models, the update will not only replace the old files with the new ones, it will will also recalibrate the battery status. A first on the watch, but Apple had already carried out such an operation last year for the iPhone 11.

The release notes for the second beta of watchOS 9 flag this addition, and my colleague Anthony was able to verify its effects by going through the Settings app before and after installing it. On its nearly three-year-old Apple Watch Series 5, the remaining battery capacity was estimated at 81% with the first beta and it increased to 84% with the second. Three points more, which would mean that the previous estimate was too pessimistic.

I use a model of the same generation as him, but I did not have time to note the value given before the installation of beta 2. The remaining capacity is currently estimated at 87%, which seems to me quite optimistic given that I had noticed a significant drop in real autonomy even under watchOS 8.

On the occasion of the summer sales, the Xiaomi Watch S1 is at its lowest price


Launched at 269.99 euros, the Xiaomi Watch S1 is currently offered at 239.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website. On the occasion of the sales, you can get it at only 204.99 euros thanks to an immediate discount of 20 euros once added to the basket, and a reduction coupon worth 15 euros.


The Xiaomi Watch S1 is more premium than the Active model. It is very similar to horological watches and chooses luxury materials: a sapphire crystal and a stainless steel case, which attaches to the wrist with a leather strap. However, it retains a sober appearance in a relatively contained format (46.5 x 46.5 x 10.9 mm) for a weight of 52 grams without the bracelet. In use, we are dealing here with an elegant watch that will be quite discreet on your wrist, like a classic watch.

It offers a circular format with a beautiful 1.43-inch AMOLED screen (466 x 466 pixels), with thin borders to get as much information as possible. The screen is comfortable for reading the information written on your watch. Equipped with a light sensor, the display will automatically adapt to the ambient light. You will be able to use it in broad daylight and consult it comfortably without being bothered by reflections. It will also be possible to personalize the watch with more than 200 dials offered in the brand’s catalog.


If Xiaomi has taken care of the look of its high-end watch, the brand has not skimped on the features. The Xiaomi Watch S1 is able to measure your heart rate, your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), the quality of sleep, as well as, of course, the number of steps taken during the day. A lot of information is available directly on the screen, but you have to go through the Mi Wear application (available on Android and iOS) for more in-depth and complete analyses.

In particular, it offers 19 activities which are offered on a basic basis such as: outdoor walking, yoga, triathlon, climbing or even swimming in open water – because it is waterproof up to 5 ATM -, but it is possible to have access to 117 other exercise modes. The watch also incorporates a dual-band GPS to facilitate outdoor training and obtain more precise tracking.


In terms of autonomy, the Xiaomi Watch S1 will last 5 days. Admittedly, we do not reach the 12 days announced by Xiaomi – it must be said that the always on mode and the health measures tend to reduce autonomy, – but the Xiaomi Watch S1 can boast of surpassing certain competitors in terms of autonomy that offer autonomy limited to one or even two days of use. Here, the autonomy offered by Xiaomi’s toquante will still allow you to measure sleep at night without needing to recharge it on your bedside table.

Its generous autonomy is also due to the fact that it does not allow you to install a whole bunch of third-party applications. You will therefore have to be satisfied with the preinstalled software or the three offered by Xiaomi for download. Suffice to say that we are far from the software experience offered by watches from Samsung, Apple or Fossil.

Apple Watch now shows battery capacity

For several years now, it has been possible to know approximately the “age” of your iPhone’s battery by going to the settings and checking its condition. The device then gives you a percentage of the battery capacity of your smartphone and tells you whether or not it is recommended to replace it. This function was, until now, reserved only for iPhone. But with the new watchOS 9 beta, Apple is bringing it to Apple Watches.

On the other hand, and this is more surprising, this novelty is only integrated into Watch Series 4 and 5. The Apple Watch SE and Series 6 are not affected, Apple probably considering that they are too recent only for require a battery overhaul.

WatchOS 9 will help the batteries of the Apple Watch 4 and 5

At the beginning of this month of June, Apple made the presentation of its new software. If iOS 16 was the biggest announcement of this conference, the Apple brand did not forget to mention WatchOS, the operating system of its connected watch. A true health tracking product, the Apple Watch is used by millions of people around the world today.

Its popularity is such that the Apple Watch outsells the entire world of mechanical watches. With a new product every year, Apple develops its connected watch by always offering more sensors, features, screen size.

A function already present on the iPhone 11

So many things that lower the level of autonomy of the watch, to the point that this problem is the first obstacle to the purchase of an Apple Watch today (along with the price). So with WatchOS 9, Apple wants to work on this issue. The apple brand indeed offers a feature that allows you to recalibrate the battery of Apple Watch Series 4 and 5.

This recalibration should provide a more accurate idea of ​​the battery’s maximum capacities. This feature, new to Apple’s connected watches, had already appeared in other Apple products in the past. It notably arrived on the iPhone 11 to give a better idea of ​​the life of a battery.

Apple wants to make your devices last

This feature shows Apple’s ambitions in terms of device lifespan. While the Apple brand offers updates that are still available on older devices (iOS 16 is compatible with the iPhone 8), it is now focusing on battery life to give users a good idea. when it should be replaced.

As a reminder, an Apple Watch battery is announced as having a maximum autonomy of 18 hours for the latest model, the Apple Watch Series 7 released last year.