Since SamaGame, We always try to bring you the best information as soon as possible, and whenever we are invited to an event we go to offer you exclusive content that very few people can access. In this way, We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to attend the official presentation event of the Monster Hunter World game in our country, in the Irish Rover of Madrid. Invited by Koch Media, we got to know new details of the next great Capcom game from the hand of Fujioka Kaname (game executive and artistic director) and Yuya Tokuda (general director). So, we are going to collect all the interesting data about the game that is about to arrive on our consoles… and later on PC.

Monster Hunter World opens the doors of its new world on January 26 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

After yesterday’s presentation, if we had to define in several words the new Monster hunter world, these would be: “Accessible, globalized and monumental”. That’s what its developers implied yesterday. For more than half an hour, Fujioka Kaname and Yuya Tokuda, they were giving details about this new chapter of the saga Monster Hunter, talking about its development, Technical details and future plans that Capcom has in relation to the content of the title.

We leave you with the video that we have created exclusively to convey to you how was this Monster Hunter World presentation:

The most accessible game in the series

One of the first features that the creators highlighted from Monster hunter world, is that They have developed the title in a way that is accessible to everyone.

“While developing the game, we always had in mind that there are two types of users. Fans of the Monster Hunter series and those who have never played these games. » – Fujioka Kaname (Executive Director of Monster Hunter World)

They strongly emphasized that the game will be accessible to all users, but that you will not lose the essence of the previous titles in the Monster Hunter series.

“We want to protect the legacy of Monster Hunter, while welcoming new players” – Yuya Tokuda (Director of Monster Hunter World)

Monster Hunter «World»: The reasons for its globalization.

What the development studio was looking for at all times in the creation of Monster Hunter World was a game that could be enjoyed both individually and cooperatively. As you know, this new chapter of the saga will have the option to complete the missions in a cooperative mode for up to 4 players, regardless of the region in which they are located.

“We wanted to remove the barriers between eastern and western servers.”

For this reason, Monster Hunter World does not have the name “Monster Hunter 5”, which would be the next logical name according to the history of the saga. What the creators want to convey with this name is that the new game of the famous franchise has gone totally global, giving players the option to enjoy it with people from all over the world.

Further, the duration of its main story, will engage players in an adventure that will touch 40 or 50 hours. If instead we focus on exploring every corner of the New World, time can be expanded to more than 100 or 200 hours, so we will have a game for a long time.

In case you didn’t know, a few weeks ago we made a video of Monster Hunter World First Impressions. We leave you with him:

The secrets of the development of Monster Hunter World: “400 people involved and 4 years of hard work”

From the early days of development, Capcom was clear that it wanted to create a huge, quality game, but also very polished. Thus the development team learned to improve and adapt to new technologies to which developers have access to create video games.

On the other hand, many of the Monster Hunter World team workers already had previous experience in current third-person shooter games, and they knew from the beginning how to work on the design and playability of this new game.

Therefore, for the Monster Hunter saga to take a qualitative leap from portable games (Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable), to desktop consoles of today, have been necessary more than 4 years of development. It is the longest development time spent on a Monster Hunter in history, andMore than 400 internal people and nearly 300 external collaborators participated in the project.

A game full of life and very realistic

The creation of the «the new World«It was a real challenge for the Monster Hunter World development studio. As revealed by its developers, they have put a lot of effort into creating a “living environment” full of animals, plants and objects with which to interact at all times, and which “can help us in the hunt.”

In fact, Tokuda confessed to being a great lover of animals and their environment. He even told us that he has 6 lizards at home and that they were a «great source of inspiration for the creation of the creatures that we can hunt in the new Monster Hunter World«. Which by the way, speaking of these «monsters», their creators confirmed that in the game «there will be new creatures, but you will also find familiar faces from other games in the saga«.

Thus, Tokuda was in charge of creating the entire game environment and told us that «the kingdom of Monster Hunter World enjoys great likelihood. » The behavior of each creature is unique and each one has a series of behaviors that we will have to take into account when hunting.

How does the future of Monster Hunter World look like?

Fujioka Kaname and Yuya Tokuda also had time to talk about the future of monster hunter world and your new content. In this way, it was confirmed that the game will be updated with «new creatures, quests and items»Completely free of charge.

“We are faithful to our policy and after the game is released, most of the content that reaches Monster Hunter World will be free for everyone to enjoy” – Yuya Tokuda (Director of Monster Hunter World)

In this regard, it was also confirmed that the game would receive certain paid content, but that this would only be aesthetic. New armor, new skins and new items are coming to Monster Hunter World, but they will not interfere with the gameplay of it.

Finally, in relation to the story, they confirmed that the plot begins and ends in the base game, and that at most, the title will only receive certain missions that may have a small background behind, but not something as long as a story expansion pack.

These are all the news that we have known in relation to the development of Monster hunter world, in the absence of two weeks for the arrival of the game to the stores.

What do you think? Did you know them all? Are you looking forward to the hunt?