We Happy Few gets a season pass with story episodes and a sandbox mode

Compulsion Games has announced its plans for post-launch support for We Happy Few.

Season Pass owners will therefore receive three new story episodes. There is also a free sandbox survival mode.

Sandbox mode follows as a free update and is described as the highly customizable “endless mode”. You can change numerous parameters, such as the size of the world, how deadly it is, how much food is available, and more. It is even possible to play one of the law enforcement officers.

It sounds like the open, procedurally generated survival title that We Happy Few was supposed to be at the start of development when it came out in Early Access in 2016. A lot has changed since then, and the final version offers a structured, story-focused experience.

In the story DLC “Roger & James in: They Came from Below!” is about the two eponymous characters who discover “bizarre technologies and a terrifying new threat”. “Lightbearer” focuses on Wellington Wells’ acclaimed rock star Nick Lightbearer and “We All Fall Down” explores the past.

The Season Pass is currently only available as part of the Deluxe Edition, and also individually for the release from Friday.

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