In exchange for a monthly subscription fee, a number of games and apps are available to Android users from the Google Play Store.

Apple announced in March 2019 and launched its worldwide subscription service, Apple Arcade, on September 19, which sought to provide a solution to the problem that users don’t even want to pay for cheaper games on mobile, so accustomed to the plethora of free apps.

In response, the Google Play Pass was launched on September 23, initially only in the United States, and then in newer countries in July. Now it is time for enlargement again, and Hungary is already in this circle.

For 1890 HUF per month or 11499 per year, we have access to hundreds of mobile games and applications, including ones like LIMBO, Sorcery! series, 80 Days, Thimbleweed Park, Terraria, Stardew Valley, Monument Valley 1-2 or Star Wars: KOTOR. Of course, none of them have ads and can be enjoyed indefinitely. The supply is expanding and declining, but we can always find something interesting. If you have an Android device, head to the Play Store to give it a try!

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