The University of Pécs has further secured its previously won place in the final, and it turned out who they will face next week.

As part of the Lenovo Legion Honvéd Series, the third and final group round of the Diploma Royale took place this week, the opening match of which was won by the University of Pécs and the University of Óbuda, which is sure to advance with its previous results. The seemingly well-liked Óbuda people appeared with a reduced number of people, they lost Erangel and Vikendi, but they managed to beautify them at least with the victory in Karakin, so they ended up with 2 points at the end of the table.

The second match was significantly more exciting, as the players of the Budapest Metropolitan University and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics fought for the finals. BGE, even though it started from a human disadvantage, soon equalized, but Miramar was won by METU, as was Sanhok. Karakin was still drawn by BME, but that wasn’t enough to make it to the finals. You can look back at the two clashes on Twitch.

In the final, which starts at 18:00 on May 27, we can support the team of the University of Pécs and the Budapest Metropolitan University. You can watch the match live on Omgezjonesy’s Twitch channel.

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