While Marvel still didn’t confirm anything, fans were pretty spinning on the leaked dates.

We’ve already had a Captain Marvel trailer this week, and according to our latest information, we’ll even be happy to have a Spider-Man preview this week, but for the most understandable reasons, many are most interested in the First Preview of the Avengers.

According to the first news, we should have seen this video before December 2, and then when it didn’t come, on Monday, when it didn’t, most people guessed the trailer by Wednesday. We’ve also updated with intense attention so we can report it to you as soon as possible, but nothing anywhere for now. Understandably, fans are getting more and more tense and trying to channel their frustration down on social media, some more restrainedly, some a little more irritated. Practically that’s what makes Twitter loud, some still trust a possible Friday presentation, while others have completely lost hope. We are looking at these now.

So you thought we were gonna get the Avengers 4 trailer today pic.twitter.com/zJhBbqqEjd

– ?? Carla Odinson⚡ // ︽✵︽ ?? (@paintingthewind) December 5, 2018

“So you thought we’d get the Avengers 4 trailer today …”

Avengers 4 first trailer to drop Friday morning. Word is they held off on dropping it today in honor of President Bush. Very cool. # Avengers4 # Avengers4trailer #PresidentGeorgeHWBush pic.twitter.com/245A3TkXrv

– Zach Chat (@ Zachchat77) December 5, 2018

“The trailer is said to be withheld only because of President Bush’s death, dear of them.”

When your thanos ring arrives today but destiny delays the Avengers 4 trailer pic.twitter.com/Kkwiz6LnOW

– SeiZe Spartan (@SpartanArmy_) December 5, 2018

It could have been a mixed day for the guy who got his new ring, but he hadn’t seen the trailer yet.

I guess there was no Avengers 4 trailer today. pic.twitter.com/NsCMIPiRPs

– Chuck Cushman (@cush_atc) December 6, 2018 Some have suspected that this is too good to be true.

me thinking about how we should’ve been watching the @Avengers 4 trailer today # A4 pic.twitter.com/RJfWJ0x3va

– beth (@bethanyclairee) December 6, 2018

Some have been waiting all day for this trailer.

Avengers 4 trailer was supposed to drop today … WTF HAPPENED MARVEL

– cheddar (@basegoddcheddar) December 6, 2018

Not everyone handled the situation so well.

Ahem! @MarvelStudios @Russo_Brothers @DisneyStudios

I was promised an Avengers 4 trailer for today.

I’m still waiting !!! pic.twitter.com/z3L1xdsnCz

– Kevin Owen (@Kevin_Owen) December 6, 2018

And there are those who immediately put the question to the directors.

How can you cope with the waiting moments?

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