We tell you how to catch a Ditto in Pokémon GO

Thanks to Reddit we have been able to know that there are already Pokémon GO users who have captured a Ditto. The most curious thing about it is that we will never come across one because it will appear transformed into another Pokémon. Think twice before letting a Zubat or Rattata escape because it could be a transformed Ditto.

Once it is ours when we use it in combat, it will automatically acquire the form of our opponent’s Pokémon but with fewer combat points. As you can see, capturing it at the moment is a matter of chance, since there are no known methods to attract them or make their search easier. This Pokémon is part of the special event on the occasion of Thanksgiving that Niantic has finally organized. You have until November 30, although it is unknown if it will continue later. Do you know someone who already has it?

Managed to get another video of catching Ditto, this time it transformed from a Rattata @trnrtips #PokemonGO #ditto https://t.co/s45wGgFnxc

– Nick from WhatUpMC (@WhatUpMC) Wed Nov 23 00:16:20 +0000 2016