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We will have 3 Apple keynotes before the end of the year

We will have 3 Apple keynotes before the end of the year

After a week of rumors, Apple finally revealed the date of its September keynote yesterday. A month that has always been reserved for the iPhone, but it seems that this year it won’t be like that according to the latest information.

September’s keynote seems to be dedicated to Apple Watch and iPad Air. Many speculate that it may seem small for an event that usually lasts two hours, so perhaps Apple has some more surprises up its sleeve. Something like the AirPods Studio or the AirTags.

Therefore, it is clear that at least one other keynote is missing before the end of the year to reveal the iPhone 12. But it will not be the last, according to Mark Gurman, we will have a third keynote later.

Given no travel to Cupertino due to Covid, it makes sense for Apple to break up the events more than they normally would since it essentially just slicing up video. Perhaps we will see an Apple event Three-Peat: Sept (Watch / iPad), October (iPhone), November (Mac).

– Mark Gurman (@markgurman) September 8, 2020

It makes sense for Apple to split the events more than it normally would, since it essentially only cuts the video. Maybe we’ll see an Apple Three-Peat event: September (Watch / iPad), October (iPhone), November (Mac)

Three events before the end of the year

As we can see, what Gurman comments makes a lot of sense. By not having to schedule trips or send the press to Apple Park, Apple may hold more events relatively closely. Instead of programming a single long keynote, you can make three shorter ones.

Therefore, this is how the 3 keynotes that Apple will celebrate before the end of 2020 could be:

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There are still many surprises to be revealed, 2020 is being a very different year than usual and Apple has had to schedule its events very well due to the huge change in strategy. At least we will have more keynotes than ever.